In the imagination, in the mind, absolutely anything can happen. Whether or not you carry it out is your call.

"The Blackbird calls you to battle, Raven. They will have no one else for your life. arm yourself, draw your sword of fire, fight with all of your spirit."

Raven lay flat on her back on the floor of her room. She stared at the ceiling and let her mind run free. She had seen the enemy. She has visualised thier defeat. Nothing could stop her. Her silver helmet held it's wings to protect her forehead, cheekbones, and chin. The feathers were spaced so that she could clearly see the enemy, as menacing shadows. Her chainmail as well, shone with the rouge of the sky. Plate armour rose out of her collar and extended to her upper jaw.

Dark hooded figures came to her, interupting the beutifull crimson fire sky. This was it. No one messed with a warrior. Small though that warrior be.

The cloaked one held more to it that met her deep red eyes. There was a more powerfull force behind this one. A human force. Shadows... shadows of intention.

The cloaked figure and Raven, though they had never met, seemed to know each others intentions. And She knew that once she defeated this, another would seperate from the group and attack with all the ferocity it knew.

Her sword would endure. No matter what injury she sustained. The sword was a representation of herself. A mirror. Like the Samurai, she considered this to be as her spirit. Like a Lakota chief and his Eagle-Staff.

She had a mental image of Chief Crazy Horse riding furiousely across a grassy battlefield and yet, through that, he was never injured. Like him, her glory would never fade with age, defeat, or disgrace. She would simply dissapear into herself, into the Universe, and never return to the fallinging places. This she felt. This she knew. It didn't matter who won this fight. She didn't completely know WHAT mattered besides the fire in her viens.

She took her battle stance and waited for an attack.

The shadow slashed at her armed neck. She ducked and swung at its lower limbs. The shadow braught his feet up and bore down on Ravens head. She...

Heard her alarm clock go off and wished she could have gotten to sleep.

5:56... Again. Another night without sleep and here little Eithna had to go to school. And it's not like she doesn't feel like she could die everyday. The lyrics of a song keep playing and dancing through her mind. Ozzy Osbourne always got to her. She was. She was sick and tired of being sick and tired. and the stress of school didn't help a bit.

School. Great. Eithna had no friends. Ok, so she had a group of a few bitches her good for little teacher threw the poor kid in with. But God knows the last thing she would want was pity. Or to be needed. To be needed was useless. She had to be wanted. Wherever she was. Whoever she was around. No matter the time. None should need her more than like her around. Each and every one either hated her, despised her(one actually thought it couldn't get worse. Maybe this is why the Christans think distain is a sin. Heh.), or was forced by the other to treat her like they treated thier dogs. Or dirt.

Animal abuse is... SHOULD be... a sin. Ah! Eithnas life was lovely wasn't it? And yet again, today, she had to see the coulnsilor. and... oh one should shudder to think. To know, the math teacher. She followed Eithna around constantly. She just didn't get it did she? Not that the counciler was much better.

So she had been entitled "freak","the eccentric", "teachers pet", and OH! Her absolute favorite "Your just crazy aren't you?" "I'll show you how F#in' crazy I am today bastards." the Fire child mused. "ugh" she said as she stood up. Sleeping on the floor isn't always pleasant. "sigh" She cracked her back as she called her familiar battlecry "LIFE SUCKS! Rules doesn't it? Bitches..." Hagh. She put much emphasis on her H's. It felt right that way. So what if they don't like it? Is it relevant? Who knows?

Well, nothing was wrong. Or, sorry, nothing was different. She felt nausia creep its way from her head and stomache.

Her Mother came in to see if she was awake and rampaged back out again. She was always in a bad mood. And as tough as she wanted to be, it always made Eithna want to cry. Like she didn't want Eithna around her. She had already threatened to get rid of her. Even if she did want little Eithna, she either did a good job of hiding it, or she knew it was for a selfish reason. She essentially hated her life. It all felt so hopeless. She imagined some boy, in the future would be crazy enough to love her and take her away from all of this. But it never worked out. In the future, She'd never know just WHAT got her through.

Her stomach snarled at her. She snarled as well. Food was probably out of the question. Just an attack at her scruffy leucomelanic apearence when she arrived at school. She cracked her back yet again as she pulled on her crappy clothes. So, the kid's gonna be late. Thats it. And her mother hates her for it. Kids make fun of her for it.

She crawled out of her closet with her face burning. She walked back in and let go. It didn't make an improvement. It didn't cool the cruel features of the face seen in the mirror. What met the deep red eyes? A pelt hung over an almost rigid frame. The high cheekbones of her mothers mothers. Of her fathers fathers. Of Cherokee, Eerie. So much pride she had.

"So much pride," they would think, "wasted on a thing like you." She invisioned the speaker behind her in the mirror. A bony bent finger flew up in direction of the b# who dared to speak to her in that manner.

They wouldn't get away with it today.

Hm. She didn't miss the bus. Theres a start. An old dream still living in her mind. She started to drift when the bus stoped. Same ol', same ol'. The kids from the other apartment complex come to meet the previousely agragated students on the cleche big yellow bus. No new people. Just the werewolf, the vampire, and the guy who looked distubingly similar to Jesus Christ.

"Werewolf" as she called him came and sat down next to her as he always did. He had dusty red hair and played drums. Eithna always overlooked this boy. He looked over at her once in a while, sometimes he smiled or waved. She never thought he was seriouse. Just another joke, by just another jerk.

Her spirit was of the Raven. Ravens are intelligent, sneaky, and quick, but not always perceptive of anything but the matter at hand.

The day passed without event. So Eithna got home. Nothing to eat. As usual. So she got a glass of ice water... (Ah, f#ing brilliant)... and pondered. As she always did. As she loved doing

"How am I going to get out of this?"

"Dear Gods, help me."


"I deserve it."

"Funny, you didn't think so five minutes ago"

"Your not God. Your just some voice in my head"

"Aren't I part of EVERYONE?"

"You are? I thought you were my voice"



"KHAGHAKHAKHAHAHAHAHAAHAHAHAH! My God you almost fell for it! I could tell. Ooh I'm good!"

"Who are you?"


"Oh hi"

Raven rolled over an narrowed her dark eyes.

"What do you mean 'oh hi?' You've never met me! Not exactly.

Sure you have. We just..."

Raven was a small girl. Like a pixie dressed all in black. She noticed she had feathers. And wings. A witchy girl in a way. But like a trickfull little...

"CROW! Your part Crow!" she didn't know where it came from. She just knew. And finnally, she was confronted with HER. Her spirit.

"Not just a CROW!" She said as she stood up with a funny sort of grace. She cocked her head and gave Eithna that smirk. Like she could do anything right then. I'm a direct decendant of Raven. The creator of the world." the slightly silly human looked at her funny. She didn't like this. "I took on his name."

"So... your my familiar?"

Raven pulled a face at this. "A... familiar, my Firehearted oneI am A voice." she clearly wasn't thrilled.

"Whats wrong with that?"

"The other voice and I... don't get along very well. We can live together in harmony." She trailed off and began talking more to herself. "but most of the time... well. I like chaos don't I? Yes. MAHAHAHAH!" she continued her manic laughter. It made Fireheart feel right.

"Who's the other?" Raven turned on Eithna with a fierce demeanor that she felt from the start. She remembered ' "You've never met me!" '


Eithna was at a vulnerable time. Fear was often the victor of her state of being at this time a day. Her Mother would be home soon. And then this.

Raven came to sit next to the pathetic wad of flesh and bones.

"I'm not sorry. I have no reason to be. But you Do not ask. Do you see?"

She was calmer now. Her eyes were relaxed. She was very solomn. She knew she could not heal this girl without tough love.

"Mom'll be home soon." Eithna said to her. Raven looked up at her with something between a smirk and an "Are you kidding?" expression.

"You think she can see me?" she breathed.


"I am a part of you!"

"Hang on, I don't get this"

She looked you straight in the eye

"You don't?"

You didn't want to. Just some evil implanted in your mind told you not to. Raven looked to the floor. She looked like a black feathered angel with golden skin, mourning over your inprisonment. "So this "bible" that tells you I'm evil. That I can't be trusted?"


"Why do you listen?"

It was only a sense of loyalty to her grandmother, who had been an evangelist, that bound her to the book.

She picked up your Modern English version.

"OH YOU!" she cried in a loud, deep, cavernous voice.



Tears came to the angels eyes as she turned.

The family who inflicted this upon you must have been cruel."

She didn't want to believe this either. She didn't know where her mother stood anyway.

Raven took Eithna face from under the chin and said

"Forget where your Mother stands. Focus on where YOU stand. Hm?"

But then she thought, the rest of your family. But they weren't cruel. They would never hurt you on perpose.

"No, not on perpose" she looked down on you.

"But this whole thing. You need to get away from it. sigh Now where is he?!" she asked as the sour look returned to her face.

"I hope your not planning on ditching me this time." she looked from the window back at you. "I was shocked! He isn't one to play pranks. But last time! heh, probably spent too much time around me. Heh"

She shruged as she went over to the window to gaze out with her sharp eyes.

So, what do you all think? Is it good? How can I improve?