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Influence for this story came from the British TV series: My Parents are Aliens, although this is not Alien related. For all those who have seen the programme, Alex is based on Trent, Mel's best friend, who I believe to be really cool. So, please enjoy it, and tell me and I mean everything you think about it, through a review!

If some people get confused with the subjects, in Scotland we are not that much different to America, only there's no algebra or trigonometry, maths is one subject.

The Trent's (title subject to change)

Alex walked slowly through the park as she wheeled the bike beside her. The chain had come off and just as she had been putting it back on, it had broken in two. Alex cursed the bike, before kicking it. She knew she had to wheel it back to the garage she had passed ten minutes ago, but that meant a hell of a long time pushing it up hill. She was new to town and did not know the area very well.

Her family had arrived only two days before and this was the first time that she lowed out. It hadn't taken Alex very long to unpack, not only was she new to the town, she was also new to the family. Alex had spent the last fifteen years in foster homes, and at last, two years before she would be free, she was adopted. She had wished all her life for a new family, but now she realised she didn't know where to start. Her new brother, Jacob, was the same age as her, 16 and was very moody and seemed to have that popular swagger to him. He didn't seem pleased about the move at all, his like was back in Florida. Now they had moved half way across the globe in search of a newfound life.

Mr. Trent had been assigned to a new job in Glasgow, Scotland. He worked as a major consultant for a computing firm that was raising millions each year on side for charity schemes. Mrs. Trent was a beauty therapist, and back in Florida had the hourly rate of $200. To Alex, they were an odd mix but seemed to get along very well. Alex had been told that they had always wanted a daughter, and to them, she was the one.

Her and Jacob's new school was a plain brick building called 'Blair High School', and maintained two thousand students. Unlike America, there was no big security system on the door and no cheerleaders, Alex thought with relief. Jacob and Alex were to be put into the same year, but although Alex didn't have a problem with that, Jacob did. He didn't mind Alex, but he believed he would mind her being in half his classes. Based on SATs and mid-term exams, it was shown that Alex and Jacob would only share one class together, Higher Mathematics. Coming into the fifth year at the school, they would also share classes with the sixth year as well. Unfortunately for Jacob, you could only choose five different subjects in 5th year; meaning Jacob would see Alex at least once every day. Alex didn't mind one bit, but she realised that by sharing a class, she would be ignored.

Alex would take on the family name, Trent, but would keep her own surname, Surlum, as a middle name. Alex had come out of the house for a bit of peace and quiet, away from the hassle of unpacking and Jacob. She dreaded starting a new school, as it would be a whole different atmosphere and culture for her. She stopped half way up the park's hill and sat down on a bench, the bike lying on its side beside her. She pulled her knees up to her chest and thought of her best friend back home, Jessica, who was a fostered child like herself and a year older. They had been in the same home for the last five years and had become good friends. Alex was going to miss her, and wondered if she was ever going to make friends in Glasgow. The city was the largest in the country, although not the capital. She has been food shopping with her new 'mum' and was surprised at all the great architecture put into the city. It really was a beautiful place, if you were in the right parts. Alex was glad it was only August, as the school term had not yet started. Perhaps this would make an easier entrance.

Alex slowly stretched out at the bench and looked at her whereabouts. High-rise flats on one side and old, vintage buildings on the other surrounded the park. The area was surprisingly pretty against the city backdrop, compared to the stingy orphanage she used to call home.

She let out a sigh as she watched five boys play a game of uneven football. She smiled as she remembered her hopelessness with most sports, but at football, she excelled. She had seen the film, 'Bend it like Beckham', but wasn't nearly as good as Jess or Jules. She just liked to keep fit that way. The boys noticed her and started to play up, showing off their many skills. She laughed to herself, as back 'home', she was never noticed by the boys, always an outsider or fondly, a loser.

One of the boys came over to her as she stood up to go back to the house. He was well built and seemed around her own age.

" Do yeh wanna play wi' us?"

" Nah, I better be off," she replied in her Californian tone.

" Ooh, fresh meat." He smirked, but cooled off pretty quickly as he saw the look of sadness in her eyes. " You sure?" he asked.

She shook her head " Your loss." He replied as she muttered something about his arrogance. He looked back at her, before returning to the game. At least she had been noticed, she thought, as she headed back to her new home.

Four days later, Alex walked into the plain school building and straight into the office with Jacob and Mrs. Trent. The headmistress was a tall, wide woman of proud stature. She was seated behind a fine oak desk but rose to ask the three to sit. Alex perched on the arm of the couch as Jacob and Mrs. Trent took the two-seater.

" Welcome to Blair High School, I hope you enjoy your stay."

" We're not going anywhere anytime soon." Muttered Alex. Jacob chuckled quietly behind his hand at her comment. He hadn't really talked to Alex since they first met, but realised she could be funny when she wanted. He simply could not try now as they were from completely different groups of people, people who didn't mingle with each other.

" Now, both of you will be put in 5th year and will be in the same Higher Maths class, as you already know. Of your five subjects, there will be a double period each morning for each of those you have chosen. The other four subjects will enter the last four spaces of the day, as there are only six periods per day. School starts at ten to nine, ends at twenty-five to four. Registration ends as five past nine. Interval is from ten to eleven until five past. Lunch is from five to one until quarter to two. Tardy bells ring five minutes after the last bells. The school rules are in your class planners, " she said as she handed them both a pale purple book, " please regard them with respect. The high school uniform is as follows. White shirt, purple and black tie, black skirt or black trousers, purple stockings or tights for the girls with black shoes. Black or purple jumpers and cardi's with the school crest are available from the schools outlet on Balater Street. I expect you both to turn up to school this Monday wearing exactly that. Your new guidance teacher will now have a short chat with you before a tour is given around the school. Any questions?" she asked in a tone that said 'don't ask any questions'.

As the secretary escorted the new siblings down the corridor, the two conversed about how friendly their new school was. But also that the uniform was manageable as they both owned black trousers, or in Alex's case a black skirt. While the guidance talk was going on, the headmistress, Mrs. MacInver talked to Mrs. Trent. Both 'chats' were short and the tour started in no time.

Jacob was pleased to note that not only did the school have a basketball team; they were also undefeated champions in their area. Alex, on the other hand, noted that they had a girl's football team also, but the team was rather small. The school had two games halls, an Astro-pitch, a dancing hall and a small sports arena for their physical education department. It was said that the school provided a bus for those who wanted to swim, to take them to the leisure centre of the area. The main hall that held discos, meetings and assemblies was the same size as the largest sports hall, probably about the same size as two Wimbledon tennis pitches. Blair High offered most subjects, including Scotland's traditional language, Gaelic, but did not offer singular mathematics subjects such as algebra or art and design as separate subjects.

Overall, the school was quite large in space, but quality was what mattered here, not quantity, and thankfully, the school almost held that position. That next Monday, the two sixteen year olds turned up at the school in full school uniform, although Alex had relaxed a bit on the sweater and had gone with a purple blazer that fitted better than the lumpy clothes. Alex did wear purple stockings, but they were under her heeled slouch boots. Her skirt was shorter than uniform but didn't show enough much thigh to be racy. Alex loved her style, her mid-length dark brown hair, with dark purple streaks, were tied in pleated bunches; her make-up gave her finesse but wasn't too thick. Alex loved her new style and wouldn't let anyone spoil her mood, not even Jacob who relaxed nothing about his new uniform, not even a funkier hairstyle. But it did make him look smart and intelligent, but Alex would have to laugh if he tried to pull of his swagger in front of her. Once inside the building, Jacob left her without a word, and went to meet the boys her had met from their new neighbourhood.

Alex found her locker from the instructions written down kindly by the secretary, the nicer side to the head. She turned the key in the lock but it wouldn't open. She looked around to make sure nobody was watching her before she kicked it, and it sprang open.

" That's one way to do it," commented a voice from behind her.

She blushed. " Didn't know anybody was watching," she replied, trying to regain her composure.

" New?" the boy asked as she turned around.

He was one of the guys who had been playing in the park, but not the one who had come over to chat. He had a sort of punky look to him with his baggy trousers, spiked hair and a short tie.

" Correct." She answered him.

" Matthew Carter at your service. I have the locker next to yours. I'm in 6th year, if you were wondering."

" Alex…Trent." She answered.

" Why the long pause?" he asked.

" Because I'm a bear." He laughed, " No, the surname's just new to me that's all."

" New step-dad or something?"

" New family all together." She replied.

" Adopted? And from America?"

" Yup, though the family is American also. A new job brought us here."

" What do you think of bonny Scotland then?"

" Not too bad actually. Rains a lot more. But this way, I'm expecting to greet snow this winter."

" What do you mean?" he asked, puzzled.

" I've never seen snow. I liked in California. The sunshine state. Not exactly what you'd call wintry."

" Agreed. So, you're what year?" He wondered.

" Starting 5th. Problem?"

" None. What do you have first? The first Monday of a whole row of them."

" That was random. But hey I'm quirky. I have Art, you?"

" Art and Design also, great news. What class?"

Alex squinted at her timetable. " Mrs. Jefferson."

" Funny, me too. An old bag but can be tolerated. You have a registration class nearby?"

" Maths."

" Unlucky. Two floors up. Me, as soon as you get into 6th year, you get to sign in and out, so I can come and go as I please. Well not entirely, but it's very close."

" Great," she nodded absently.

" What's up?"

" Missing my mates."

" You'll be fine. I can make a great substitute for now, or forever." He added with a laugh. " I just realised. You're the girl with the bike in the park last week right?"

" You finally noticed. Yeah, I am." She verified.

" Why didn't you come and play?" he asked.

" I don't think I'm very good. Plus I wasn't in the mood to show off skills. I was in a thoughtful mood."

" You never know until you try. How about a game after school?"

" I'm not being bludgeoned into some kind of tryouts am I?"

" No. Just a regular game in a regular park. You want to come and meet the lads now? They won't bite I promise." He asked as they both shut their lockers.

" Yeah sure. Anything to fill in the time." She added, jokingly.

He put his hand on his chest and faked a sore heart. " Uh! You hurt me!"

Alex picked up her bag and gave him a hand, as he had fallen over in his attempts to make her laugh.

He stood up and led her in the direction of his friends just as the registration bell rang.

" I'll take you to your class, then we can go to Art together, okay?" he said as she smiled at him.

" Yes, thank you."

" One more thing," he said before leading her up the stairs, " Don't be so polite!"

" I can't help it, it's the way we were brought up. Don't you have any manners?" she asked as they walked along biology.

" Yes, but I choose to use them outside of school mostly." They walked up another set of stairs at the end of that corridor and found themselves in Maths.

" You didn't even have to look where you were going to get here. You must be able to direct yourself with your eyes closed."

" Almost. But that's what five years in this school does to you." He stopped outside a classroom. " I'm going to meet the guys now, I'll meet you before art okay. I'll be like your escort for the day, no sexual innuendoes please. Just doing my duty as 6th year."

She frowned, was he doing this for extra merits? " Only kidding. See ya!" he called as he disappeared back down the corridor. She entered the room and walked over to the teachers' desk, which was along the side on the classroom instead of in front of the tables. The class was in rows, and according to the teacher, had been in alphabetical order up until fourth year.

As soon as she had sat down in the seat assigned to her, a gaggle of girls came in followed by some macho looking jocks. It seemed they didn't see her as they sat along the back row, guys fawning over their every moves. Alex let her eyes wander about the room, spotting some maths posters to read. The other girls seemed to waiting for something or someone to arrive. Ten seconds later, there it was. In walked a tall, pretty girl with long brown hair tied into a plait, a perfect posture and Jacob on her arm.

Alex let out a negative sigh, as Jacob was now the one everybody fawned over. One of the girls glared at her and asked in sluttish way, " Jealous?"

" No." answered Alex, quickly.

" I bet you are. Hey Joanna, seems you have company." Burst out this strange girl.

The girl with the plait turned round to glare at both of them, " What Kara?"

Kara piped up before Alex could say anything. " The new girl has a thing for your guy."

Joanna's eyes narrowed and turned completely round to face Alex like a bitch on heat. For a moment she was scared. But only a moment. As Joanna's' silent glare gave Alex a time to speak.

" Sorry, but to like him would make me sick." This just earned another glare. Alex held her hands up in defence. " He's my brother." Joanna hit Kara over the head with her bright orange folder and replied, " In that case…"

" In that case I want nothing to do with your hooking up with my brother." She replied.

Satisfied, Joanna turned back around to Jacob. Alex turned forward. Kara looked like a stag caught in the headlights of a car, and didn't seem too pleased.

Just before her teacher started calling the register, a girl walked casually in carrying a book bag and two folders. " Lauren, why must you always be late?" asked the teacher, Mrs. Layton.

" Because it's school. I missed the bus, that's all." She said while handing the teacher a white slip.

After the list was called, the teacher insisted that the class was to be put into alphabetical order, and even Alex was protesting. The thought of sitting beside Jacob for a whole year didn't please her at all. Thankfully, it was Lauren Taylor she ended up beside.

" Lauren Taylor," the girl now sitting beside her said as she held out a hand for Alex to shake. " Alex Trent," she replied. Jacob ended up on the start of the third bench with Alex on the end of the second, so they were not close to each other.

The teacher shook her head while looking back over the list. "Where is Charlie Rodger? Has anyone seen Charlie recently?"

Lauren piped up, " Check behind the bike sheds." The rest of the class laughed as Alex questioned Lauren about her comment.

" Behind the bike shed is where people either get stoned, get laid or put their bikes."

The bell rang that moment and Alex found Matthew outside the class.

" Hey Matt!" called Lauren as she waltzed past. Matthew groaned. " My cousin is in your class?"

" Yeah, I sit beside her. She seems pretty cool."

" Oh, she's cool sometimes, though her main point in life is to bug the hell out of me."

" Purposefully?"

" Yup."

" I'm afraid I'll be doing that all the time. I talk for the sake of talking."

" Good excuse." Commented Matthew. They laughed as they entered Art and Design.

Up until lunch, Alex's day was uneventful. She survived Mathematics with Jacob and was immediately disregarded, Lauren was in one class out of five so far and Matthew was in the other two, Art & Design, and Physics. At lunch, she met Matthew's gang, which included Lauren to a degree. She had Macaroni Cheese and Chips, drowned in vinegar; while Matthew looked over her plate in disgust.

" Look, your macaroni is having swimming lessons," he said pointing at her food.

His best friend, James looked over. " Please tell me you're not one of those vinegar addicts who pours it over everything."

" No, just macaroni cheese and chips." She replied, smiling as she ate it slowly, savouring the taste.

From behind, Alex heard the oh-so-becoming-familiar laugh and the squeal of someone in like. Jacob walked in with Joanna hanging onto his arm as if he would run away if she let go. Lauren looked at them in disgust.

" Poor boy, Joanna's sure got her claws in quick this time."

" Poor boy?" retorted James, " He put himself in that situation. He purposefully went over there even though Michael warned him."

Michael, who had practically fallen asleep in his chair, straightened up when his name was mentioned. " Yeah, he's another new kid. Quite egotistical, thinks he can rule the school." The others laughed at his cheesy line.

" What's his name anyway?"

" Jacob something-or-other." Answered Michael.

Alex knew they were being a little harsh, as he was new just like her, but they had described him perfectly. He would not let Alex near him, even on the plane over, incase his precious reputation was put on the line.

She decided to hold out a little longer, to see what else she could dig up on her new brother. "Once Joanna got her claws in I knew he was for it." Muttered Lauren.

" What do you think Alex?" Matthew asked her, just as she had put a large forkful of macaroni cheese in her mouth.

" Mmpff?" She swallowed, " I think you are absolutely right. Just the kind of guy I need for a new brother." The four people at the table stared at her.

" That's part of your new family?" asked Matthew.

" Introducing Jacob John Trent, my new sibling."

" I really feel sorry for you." Lauren finally said.

" I'm not surprised, he's not very nice and he's a real dick at the house." Lauren noted that she hadn't yet called the house she lived in 'home'. Perhaps she just wasn't used to the people around her yet or maybe it was because she was in a new country. At least she spoke the language, in every other sense, Alex wasn't completely a stranger.

" Hey Taylor!" called someone from the other side of the canteen. Lauren looked over at the voice, as did the rest of the group. Both Matt and James groaned, while Lauren thumped James subtly in the stomach.

" Who's that?" Alex asked, wondering who the boy was, as he was now coming over in their direction.

" Her boyfriend, Graham."

" Ex-boyfriend." Lauren corrected. " He's an okay bloke actually-"

" But he likes to cheat occasionally." Burst in Michael. Lauren looked hurt and James put his arm around her waist.

" Ah. Not a very nice bloke then. Joanna's type then."

" Exactly Joanna's type. She was the cheatee. I caught them in the girls toilets."

" Not subtle enough. You deserve better." Alex commented, giving her sympathies to the girl.

Graham walked over and sat down on the other side of Lauren, not before checking out Alex's bodily features. Matt, James and Michael gave him a glare.

" Fuck off Graham." Matt growled as he sat down. " You're not welcome here."

" Well, Matthew, I'm afraid that's not up to you." He looked pointedly at Lauren, and Alex.

" Fuck off, Graham." She said and turned away from him, showing him her back.

" I came to welcome the fresh meat."

" If that's what you always call new people, I'm not sure I'd want your welcoming committee. Like Matt said, you're not welcome here, so bugger off." She said in her coldest tone.

Amazingly, the guy backed off, smirked and walked back to the popular group. He tried mouthing off about her to Joanna and her gang, but they were more interested in Jacob and their nails that listen to him. Unwelcome everywhere. Alex was glad that wasn't her. Her first day and she had made good friends, and enemies.


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