Shut Up!

The words come with full force this time

The loathsome, detestable words that cut through me like a knife

The words that come from your own foul tongue

And I want to scream at you

I want to yell and scream my heart out

I want to bar my mind with invisible walls of protection

Locking away my true self in a closet of darkness

Can't you see what you're doing to me?

You think you're cool and popular

But in my eyes you're cruel and pointless

I hate you; I hate your words

The words you speak flood through my ears like a tsunami

They travel through my blood stream and wash their waves over my heart

You're killing me

Tearing my heart apart with every syllable you utter

And I want you to shut up

Shut Up

Just leave me alone

I don't want you here; in my mind

Get out

Get out

Get out


I'm sick!

Sick from your words

I'm nauseous now and I can't take it

Yet here comes another tsunami


My mind is racing; screaming at you

But my mouth won't move

It can't move

It's shut forever

Like a locked door; the door to my soul


I slowly sink to the floor

Unable to protest your actions anymore

But my mind still races


I'm through


Sick and tired of you

I'm sinking



Yet still thinking


A/N: Not one of my best works. JUst something i wrote when this girl i know was really getting on my nerves.