Questions of Wonder
By: Mo

So I've been asked many things,
by many different people,
but only a few things stand out.

"Why are you always so happy?"
Someone once asked me; I replied
"Why not be happy? Why not love?
Why not share why my life is grand?"
And so I started to wonder,
why did I believe in what I said?

Another person once asked me, "why
do you find life so amusing?"
I laughed and shrugged, "because it is."
And still I went on to wonder,
why did I believe in what I said?

Again, I was asked by a friend,
"do you believe in what you do?"
I replied, "and if I did not,
would I still be doing it now?
I will live life without regrets,
so I can enjoy it with ease."
And I continued to wonder,
why did I believe in what I said?

Then one day an atheist asked,
"why do you believe in God?" She
looked in my eyes for an answer.
I opened my mouth to reply,
but no words came out, so I stopped
to breathe and began to wonder.

Always when I answered questions,
I spoke of life, love, and laughter
but now I had no reply,
no answer to her question.
I knew why I was happy,
why I loved life, why I believed
in the actions in which I partook,
but I just didn't know why I trusted
in God. I looked at her and said,
"I don't know why, I just believeā€¦"
The atheist just snorted and left
and still I stood with my eyes shut
looking for the right answer.
And the harder I looked,
the less I could I find.
I was lost in a sea of questions
with never an answer to be found.

So now I drift, always wondering,
"why do I believe in God?"