Why shall I ever recall that dreadful week of which destroyed my never ending horror of which you call-life- oh how I quiver at the thought ofgoing back to that bloodcurdling, hair-raising, horrid night of which this dreadful life began to tear away at my slow beating life. And yet my conscience begs of me to relive that terrifying night of which it all began…

36 years ago my murderous, idiot of a father believed he could torture my flame, my savior, my everlasting love. My mother. She was the one person who kept me sane for 5 years. He tormented her everyday and every night I slipped further away into madness. One fearful night when he continued to destroy my world, I withered away behind the security of my couch. H screamed, he yelled, Oh God how he tore at my heart each time he laid his filthy paw across he beautiful face.

I couldn't take it! No more! I screamed, I fought. I could not hold it anymore. I jumped from behind my sofa and ran for the kitchen. I reached for the nearest knife, and flew back to where the jerk was and thrusted it into his back over and over and over again, screaming "Bastard, you bastard." After 5 or 6 times I fell to my knees balling. The rose of my life just stood there amazed and stunned. She floated over to me and slapped me straight across the face.

With all the fury of which laid upon my chest. The pain. Oh the pain! How can my angel slap me amidst all this fury?

"Why the hell did you do this? Your so dumb!"

No no, she can't talk to me that way! No!

I turned and scowled. Picking up the knife, I plunged it into her chest, screaming!

Tears stream down my face. It's tremendously hard to go back to what will become my future. I shall never bring pain to you my love for I shall take thy pain for my own and lay upon with you beyond the floorboards of which you died upon. Good night my loving mother, and here we shall meet once more.