Wasn't too long ago

The wind crashed - the sea howled

I screamed - you laghed

You didn't feel - but I did

The fangs - the talons

Sinking into my bitter flesh

I hope you enjoyed the taste

You swallowed my thoughts

You spat my dreams upon the dust

Of ignorance

What was YOUR thought?

"When will your time come"?

No, but of course not

Too literary

Too complicated for you to understand

That you, too

Will slowly bleed to slow death

Your thoughts, your words, your ambitions

(such as they are)

Are nought

Centered on my blood - my flesh

Or what was left...

Now here I am, far above you

In a place you cannot reach

Despite how you seem to pathetically try

May yu try until your death

Of which I will savor

WIth distant, glorified glee