Short and Sweet

By Tara Nicole Walker

Thinking about what might have been

Knowing just the same it wouldn't have been much different

Fine with me

Satisfactory life, satisfactory dreams

Just fine fantasies

And OK heartaches...

But when does the great kick in?

When does the break begin?

You know, some time or another

Life's gotta cut you some slack...


Naw. Never really works out that way.

So here I am - I'll sing from my grave

My tales of mediocer life

That most don't want to hear

I'll hum a tune of times gone past

And how us humans

Aren't built to last

That whole thing called "free will"

Really signs the deal

We give it away

Life doesn't really steal


Not the way it works, but it's all good I suppose

Turn your back, turn up your nose

Whatever works for you, whatever the case

But I'll remember the look on your face

When you realize that it really doesn't last forever...

Doesn't that make you feel better?