Part One: The Pencil

The pencil is maybe six inches long, most of one of those inches being the not-so-pointy point. The eraser and the metal around it make up much of another inch. The eraser is a funny thing—it's far more pointed now than when it was first used. It's the exact opposite of the point, which is more rounded than when it was first used, but with many facets from the pencil's turning—or rather the user's turning of the pencil/ The rest of the inches in the middle of the pencil are all a nondescript, woody, brownish gray color, except for one side. It has reflective blue writing, spelling out "USA PAPERMATE® AMERICAN NATURALS HB and then a sideways two. There is also a black pen marking, spelling out in upside-down capitals that have leaked into the wood, the name "BAKER". This pencil, with its scant few inches, however, is nothing compared to the enormous expanse of black plastic table under it.

© Maria Traxler 2004

(A/N: I've decided to start a little series of paragraphs describing stuff. I don't know if it's officially considered fiction (though I will change a little bit in each so it's not technically describing a real thing/person), but if it's not, please tell me.

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