Part Eight: Mrs. Scott

The teacher in this class is Mrs. Scott. She is always smiling and energetic, and she is a great teacher. Her wavy golden-brown hair falls to her shoulders and frames her warm, pink face very nicely. Her eyes, an oceanic blue-green, are hidden every now and then by eyelids under her eyebrows, also golden-brown, the same shade as her hair. Her forehead wrinkles when she gestures with her hands and face. Sometimes she wrinkles her nose, which is thin and nice-looking. When she talks, her reddish-pink lips part to reveal straight, white teeth, which sometimes have a hint of lipstick on them. Her face, oval-shaped, is expressive and freckled.

She is wearing a tan sweater that has a large collar, which makes a small neck by curving around and flopping over. The bottom of the sweater and the end of the sleeves have little straight rows, but the body of the sweater has a floral design that seems to be imprinted on it. Her pants are straight and black, like her shoes. Mrs. Scott is one of my favorite teachers. Thought I have only written a physical description of her, she has a brilliant personality that I cannot describe in words.

(A/N: Mrs. Scott is 26, in case you were wondering. I can't think of much else to say, so here's my response to iglooey's review.

First of all, thanks for reviewing. I love constructive criticism, so thanks again. Secondly, you mentioned in both of your reviews that I focus on one thing or person too much. I'll try to work on that in The Wars of Light, but Things in the Life is kind of supposed to be that way-just focusing on one thing or person and just describing them. You also mentioned, in Things in the Life, how there was only one kind of person that I was describing. I'm not giving an excuse; I'm giving a reason here: they're all sitting close together straight across from where I usually sit. Again, I'll try to work on that. And about putting it into a novel: I wasn't really thinking about that. I was just kind of practicing writing. But it's an interesting idea. Again, thanks for your reviews, and I hope you'll continue to review.

Date: Wednesday, January 5, 2004, 1:35.

Classification: Person.)

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