You know what really sucks? Yes? Good because I would have told you if you had said no. Being stuck on this stinking piece of rock sucks majorly. I can't figure out how these humans live here. Then again, they don't really know the difference do they? I mean, they've never spent any time in heaven what so ever so how are they supposed to know how horrid this rock they call home is compared to heaven?

All well. I suppose I brought this upon myself. It could be worse. I could be dining with Satan about now and that would suck all the more, would it not? I'm not saying I deserve to be stuck here, mind you. I'm just admitting that Michael could have completely blown a gasket rather than gotten a little ticked that I, ahem, "accidentally" killed one of his best warriors.

It really isn't my fault anyway. I mean, why should I be blamed if the stupid guy didn't see my dagger flying at him at about mock three? It was a training match and you're supposed to try to beat the other guy, right? All well. I don't make the rules, nor do I follow them, but I still have to deal with the punishments. Oh joys!

The name's Ebony by the way. Most in the underground call me the Earthbound Angel though. How does one earn a title such as mine? Well, in case you haven't realized, I was sentenced to a nice vacation on Earth, indefinitely. You see, I'm not pure enough for heaven, but I'm not evil enough for Hell either. In conclusion, the archangels decided to put me on this boring rock. Lucky for me, this rock isn't all that boring.

Between fighting actual fallen angels (aka: Demons or Devils) and living it up like any fun loving person would, I've managed to attempt to enjoy my stay here. Humans are fun to mess with and they know how to have a good time, unlike most of the virtuous angels in heaven. Not to mention, I'm not exactly the only angel on Earth…

Perhaps I should start at the beginning, back when I first got into trouble. Well, the trouble that got me put on earth anyway. If I were going to start at the very beginning, we'd be here till the "Second Coming", and I'm not even sure I'd be finished telling you my story by then. I'm almost ashamed to say that I've been slightly naughty since the very beginning of time. Almost is the key word by the way. There are many advantages to being bad, as you will come to see.


"Uh oh," the young angel grumbled under her breath as she trudged the familiar path to Michael's main office. "I'm in deep, deep shit this time." Her silver wings drooped ever so slightly as she knocked on the door, almost hoping the general wouldn't be in. Too bad she never seemed to have much luck.

"Get you feathers in here!" Michael shouted, drawing several curious glances from other angels who were milling about in the halls.

A groan escaped Ebony's lips as she slipped into the office and sat in a chair in front of Michael's desk. The simple office seemed much too small for its occupant. Michael seemed to fill up half the room with his broad shoulders and muscles any male angel would die to have. Ebony had to admit that if she didn't hate him so much she would think he was hot as the devil's bedroom, not that she would know.

"Would you like to tell me why you're here?" Michael demanded through clenched teeth as he stood up and slammed his hands on the desk. Ebony flinched. She had seen Michael angry plenty of times before, but she had never witnessed anything nearly as bad as the waves of energy the were pulsating through the cramped room.

"Um," she stuttered as she searched for something to say. "Does it have anything to do with the fact that sweet little Dustin couldn't even block an advance to save his life?"

"He was one of my best warriors!" Michael screamed, rattling the windows and making a book fall off his desk.

The look of murder in the archangel's eyes sent a cold wave of chill down Ebony's spine as she squirmed in her seat. She knew she was in trouble but she really hadn't meant to hit Dustin between his wings. Well, she had aimed for the sensitive spot, but she had thought the warrior would be able to block the dagger. What a pity she had been wrong.

Ebony laughed nervously. "He couldn't have been that great," she muttered as she crossed her arms and sank lower in the chair. Guilt didn't bother her much, but Michael's glare could make her stomach churn with worry and regret. "He couldn't even dodge a basic knife throw," she tried to explain. "He couldn't even beat me! How did you expect him to stand up to guys like Adrian and Loki and Achan and Barnabas and…"

"I get the idea Ebony," Michael sighed as he fell into his chair and began to rub his forehead, which was never a good sign. Ebony preferred to see him raving mad rather than frighteningly calm. "I'm sorry but you've stepped over the line for the last time."

"What?" Ebony managed to choke out as she straitened up in the chair. "You've got to be kidding!"

"Do I joke often?" Michael demanded as he sent her a glare.

"No," Ebony whimpered as she slid down in her chair again. She didn't like where the conversation was headed. She just hoped she wouldn't have to room with Adrian when she got to hell. Being surrounded by fire would be bad enough; being near Adrian would only make things about ten times worse. He was just about to be kicked out of Heaven the last time she had seen him, and after what he had tried to do she was glad to see him kicked out. She shuddered at the memory of his hands touching her shoulders and sliding down her arms. She could almost feel his lips as they trail down the side of her throat and as…

"I'm sentencing you to Earth," Michael said suddenly, snapping Ebony from her memory.

"What?" she squeaked in surprise, her eyes going wide as she jumped and clutched the arms of the chair. She couldn't have heard him properly. She could have sworn he said 'Earth' but surly killing a fellow angel, on accident or not, was bad enough for hell. Not to mention the fact that she didn't exactly have a decent track record to help keep things from looking completely horrid. She didn't even want to think of all the laws she had broken. The list had to stretch from the lowest level of hell to the top of heaven.

"The least you can do is listen to me while I'm telling you what is to be done with you," Michael growled, his anger returning full force.

"I was," Ebony lied as she gave him the best bored look she could manage.

Michael snorted as he grabbed a thick file off his desk and flipped through it too quickly to actually be reading. His blue eyes were narrowed and his white-blonde hair was hanging in his eyes. "You are being sent to Earth indefinitely. You must prove that you are worthy of heaven before you may return."

"That's it?" Ebony asked, shocked that she was getting off so easily. She nearly jumped into the air and cheered, but Michael's angry glared stopped her. "I guess I'd better get going, huh?" she laughed as she stood and sauntered out the door.

"Have a nice trip," Michael grumbled as he watched the carefree angel follow a couple of guards to the pearly gates. He wished he could be present to see her fall, but paper work kept him stuck in his office. "Bless it all," he grumbled as he flipped through another file and pushed Ebony from his mind.

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