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Jack had Tabby since he was young. Tabby had always been around. However, Tabby was not a cat. Tabby was Jack's imaginary friend. She had short blonde hair with cat ears, fangs and a tail with gloved paws and footpaws. Jack hadn't made many friends so Tabby was always hanging around with him...


"You're going to miss the school bus!" Jack's mother called. Jack sighed and left. He waited outside and the battered yellow bus came, as usual. The doors hissed and opened and Jack and Tabby got on and proceeded to a seat. Jack sat by the window and Tabby sat next to him. He sighed again and stared out of the window as the bus pulled away sharply. The bus was noisy so Jack could converse with Tabby, so most people wouldn't declare him insane or a "weirdy-weirdo!" Tabby poked him and he grunted.

"Cheerful this morning, aren't you?" she laughed. Jack sighed and replied,

"I'm just fed up with people. They can be so mean." Tabby nodded sympathetically as he continued slightly grumpily, "Mother says it's time to get a real friend but I'm not replacing you!" Tabby smiled and suddenly looked the other way distractedly.

Jack followed her gaze and saw- Soraya. A nice girl but she was the type of girl that was popular and would never stoop low enough to rub shoulders with the likes of him. Soraya was walking up to him.

"May I join you?" Jack looked nervously at Tabby, who was fading away. She whispered,

"This could be the real friend your mother wants you to make!" before dissolving completely.

"Umm...hi?" He mumbled. She smiled that beautiful smile Jack always noticed.

"You... know, well people call you...names because you...talk to thin air? Jack nodded, mouth open slightly agape. She suddenly took the air of a conspirator and confided to Jack, "I used to have an imaginary friend too. It was an animal with human speech and it could turn into any animal. After a while, I found human friends and it faded away completely. I missed him but I realised I was happy because I had now found company in others and his purpose was fulfilled." Jack gasped in delight that another knew what he was doing; talking to Tabby and a friendship soon blossomed. Tabby, watching from the back of the bus, suddenly melted away. She gasped and started to panic as she faded, which intuition told her, was for the last time...