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The doctor looked at his notes. One patient caught his eye. He went to Ward 1c and saw the patient immediately. She was a girl with startling white hair. It looked like this white hair was her natural colour. The doctor was slightly surprised at it but continued what he was doing, checking up on patients and filling out the notes on them. He pulled out a piece of paper from his clipboard and started to fill in the patient's notes.


Name: Unknown

Age: Unknown

Gender: Female

Status: Unconscious, no movement

Injury/Illness: Unknown

The doctor frowned as he realised this was a mysterious case indeed. He took out his pager and paged a specialist who could solve mysteries, like if there were no visible trouble with her what was wrong with her? Then the specialist arrived. He looked at the girl and mused to himself,

"Hmm...well, no visible injuries." He continued to examine her. "No head trauma, no symptoms of any illnesses that would cause this sort of thing." He then turned to the doctor. "Has she had any x-rays?" The doctor nodded and handed him the x-ray result. He looked at it and was amazed. There were no foreign objects or broken bones and the blood sample contained nothing bad. "This really is a mystery. It could be...a faint, but she would have woken by now." The doctor nodded and called over a nurse. He was tired from his night shift and asked the nurse to observe the patient of mystery. The nurse nodded and went about brightening up the ward by opening curtains. The girl suddenly snapped awake. The nurse turned round to find her staring at the ceiling. The nurse called,

"Doctor, the girl's awake!" The doctor came and the girl looked at him with pure white eyes, no iris or pupil. This distinctly unnerved the doctor because he had never seen an eye like that and he stuttered through his questions.

"Um...hello I'm t-the doctor...I have t-t-to ask you...questions..." He realised that the girl couldn't harm him so he continued more confidently. "What is your name?" The girl stared at him. He repeated the question and the girl shook her head.

"You don't know?" he frowned. The girl nodded. He muttered to the nurse, "Can you book a psychiatrist for this afternoon?" The nurse complied and the doctor concluded before he departed,

"We have someone to see you this afternoon." The girl stared at him and his nerve broke. He briskly walked off.