I start to walk forward

And slowly look back

What I see isn't right

What I see is in lack

I see something missing

I see something gone

And I slowly notice

What it is that is wrong

There is no good

There are no friends

There are only enemies

There are only ends

I try to say something

But they just turn away

I then hang my head

With nothing to say

I look where I started

And notice the same

Nothing is nice

And nothing is tame

I slowly sit down

Right there on the ground

I feel a tap

And I look all around

I want to scream

I want to cry

Standing right there

In front of my eyes

There stands my friend

My long lost pal

I want to float

I want to sail

I start to talkā€¦

My friend then stops me

"I do not care

You do not see"

I am hurt

I am shocked

And I feel

Like I'm locked

I then sit down

And I stare into space

I begin to wonder

As my mind starts to race

I begin to think

"Will I ever find

That one person?

That friend of mine?"