Yuletide Lament

You call us heathens chanting from the crowd

Hiding, concealed, by tinsel's shroud

Yet this was not always the way

Why must you highjack our day?

Sámi Hein is 'All Hallows Eve' now

An Maldon the celebration of farm's harvest plough

Easter replaces the Beltane fires

You can't hear our chanting for your choirs

You claim to back your faith with democracy

Yet for centuries try force onto us your hypocrisy

With your crucifixes, bibles and laws you think all should heed

You call our green horned god 'Satan' and say we weave evil deed

Your hypocrisy this yuletide season will be

Clear for one and all to see

Coca Cola's distortion of our Green Lord we see

Lady's Yule log replaced by Christmas tree

You claim your savour born on the 25th

An who celebrate Yule cast to fiery rift

Jehovah's Witnesses calling at our door

Cry 'Come join our faith! We do implore!

Ne'er did we against you work ill

No matter how much of our number you kill

Even when consigned to the flame for your cause

Hearing only your applause

You stole the season of giving our ancestors started

And change the stories we once imparted

'Thou shall not suffer witch to live' reads your old testament

Yet to humanities aid we work our craft, this is my sad Yuletide lament