A/N: Wow, another one! Im back in full depressional swing, eh?


Giving more than i recieve
I cry at nite and wish to see
Because its hard to understand
Why i cannot comprehend

Silent "stupid"s in your voice
Feeling like i have no choice
I'm not a child, not 6 years old
Though everyday thats what im told

Giving love and care and all
I have is your words making me small
I cant not love you, i cant not care
When you need me i cant not be there

But do you need me for anything more
than raising urself while i fall to the floor?
I tell you things, u cannot see
Then it all gets blamed on me

No one thinks you're good for me
No one thinks that we should be
But then again, its always been
Us against all of them

Everyday is special to me
But i dont think you really see
I'm giving my all, all that i have
I dont feel i get the same love back

But i smile and love you just the same
Even though i'm feeling insane
I dont know how to make you see
How you're giving nothing to me.

I love you, yes, we know its true
And we all know you love me too
But why does love hurt? Why do i cry?
Is it love youre giving? Are you using me?

Tears upon my writing page
Tears so often filled with rage
I cannot leave you, Im trapped inside
This web youve weaved between our lives

I cant give up...

Dont want to give up...

But why should i have to hurt like this?
Why wont you listen to me?
You call it bitching...
I'm just...trying to explain...
There was such passion, such love
A year ago
Where did it go?
I'm still giving all i have
...Are you?