So cold


You look at me

But don't see me

You touch me

But can't feel me

You listen

But can't hear me

You love me

But don't know me

You hold me

But I'm all alone

You reach for me

But can't reach me

You're so close

Yet not near me

You're all warm

You burn me

I'm all cold

And alone

You seek

But can't find me

You look

But can't see

This place inside

That is me

I hide from you

You don't know it

I play with you

And you love it

I'm using you

You think I mean it

I'm used by you

And can't stop it

I use you

To play with

But what I feel

When you touch me

…is ice

When you hold me

… I'm freezing

When you kiss me

…I'm all cold

Though I like you

I'm all alone