Gentlemen, I give you Insanity
Chapter 1
Special News Bulletin

"We interrupt our regularly scheduled program to bring you a special news bulletin." A young woman said, appearing behind a newscaster's desk on the TV screen with news apparently important enough to interrupt The Apprentice finale.

She turned toward the camera. "We have word from Louisville police that shots were fired downtown at the Kentucky Center for the Arts. Our CNN chopper is live on the scene. George, how are thing's looking over there?"

The scene turned to an aerial view of the Kentucky Center. Traffic around the building was at a standstill and ambulances were everywhere. The wail of the red and blue sirens was deafening. A muffled voice was heard through the drone of helicopter blades.

"As you can see, Cindy, everyone down here is in utter chaos. People are walking around confused and covered in blood. It's really a horrible sight." He paused for a breath, letting the audience take in the scene.

"I've seen dozens of people carted out in ambulances, but no word yet on the number of deaths. Wait a minute! I've just gotten word that a suspect in the shootings has been apprehended."

The camera swiveled to the front of the building, where someone was being led outside.

"You can clearly see the police leading someone out to their cars, but there's no word yet on who the suspect is." The voice finished.

The camera followed the person; who was obviously cuffed; until the cops shoved him into the car and drove off. "Back to you, Cindy."

"Thanks, George." The blonde anchorwoman responded. But before she could continue talking, she was handed a paper from off screen. She quickly read it and turned back to the audience.

"This just in. The Louisville police have just issued a statement, saying that 34 have been injured, and there are no casualties. A suspect has been apprehended, however, a name will not be released at this time." She folded the paper in her lap and ended the broadcast.

"We'll have more on this story at 10. Now, back to The Apprentice."

I know, incredibly short 1st chapter, but there's more coming very soon. The story will be explained in due time...