Gentlemen, I give you Insanity!
Chapter 11

She flew through the building leaving tornadoes in her wake, running in desperation towards those ten precious minutes she had to ensure that her career would continue. Rachel-Joy felt a hangover creeping up on the edge of her mind and she tried fiercely to ignore it. She loved lying around all morning with a migraine just as much as the next person, but today there was no time. And she was already late.

She came to a screeching halt in front of the courtroom, almost rear-ending a paperboy. Taking a moment to smooth the front of her pantsuit and run over the case in her mind, she added her glasses as an afterthought. The key was to at least look professional.

The heads of five different people turned to stare as she strode into the room.

"Miss Callison," came a cold voice from the judge's seat, "how nice of you to join us."

Rachel-Joy felt all hope for her future go up in flames. The judge before her was not the kind and passive Amber Zurschmiede, who Jason (who was also nowhere to be seen) had assured would take them to trial. Judge Alan Naville had a special place in his heart for Rachel. A very painful, unhappy place. His face contorted into what he must have considered a smile but came out looking more like his underwear was riding up in uncomfortable places. She bowed her head in slight apology and stood next to Insanity, who was surrounded by two disgruntled-looking guards.

"Now that everyone is present," he growled the last word at Rachel, "Mr. Spencer, you may begin."

"Wait! Where's Jason?" Rachel-Joy interjected, already digging her own grave.

Judge Naville narrowed his already squinty eyes. "Miss Callison, even if that question wasn't completely out of context, speak out of turn again and I'll hold you in contempt!"

She nodded meekly.

Naville continued. "If you must know, I was informed that Mr. Brian was feeling ill this morning, and therefore would not be available for the preliminary hearing."

"Bah. Stupid bugger can't hold his liquor." Rachel-Joy muttered.

"What was that, Miss Callison?"

"Nothing, sir. Please continue."

"Well, with your permission, of course." The judge added, dripping with sarcasm. "Mr. Spencer, if you please."

Kevin Spencer was skinny little man who defied gravity. He was, in fact, so small and weightless, that some thought he actually levitated rather than walked. It was a miracle that he'd gotten anywhere in this world, besides being blown all across town on a windy day. Make no mistake, he was a good lawyer, he just lacked the finesse of being able to hold murder over a judge's head and get away with it.

The assistant D.A. straightened his mousy brown hair and shuffled the papers in front of him. "The State of Kentucky moves to settle. Miss Phillips is obviously the culprit, as she turned herself in at the scene of the crime and gave no resistance. There is no need to take this to trial."

"And Miss Callison, how does your client plea?"

This was it. It was now or never, and there was no looking back.


She felt eyes widen around the room. Insanity turned to her, visibly seething. Her cuffed hands grabbed Rachel's arm, and the guards sprang to attention to hold her back.

"What are you doing?" she whispered furiously.

"Just trust me, ok?" Rachel replied anxiously. She had to secure this court date.

"But we already talked about this!" the girl replied, struggling to remain calm.

"Miss Callison, is there a problem with your client?" Judge Naville interjected.

"Oh, no, nothing's wrong."

"Very well then. Since you refuse to settle, the court date will be set two weeks from today. In light of the circumstances, no bail will be posted." The gavel came down with a resolute smack, and Judge Alan Naville gathered his things and walked out.

Insanity turned to her lawyer, horrified. "What have you done?"

Rachel-Joy backed away slowly, trying to nonchalantly make her way to the door. "It's ok, really. Just trust me. I can get you out of this."

"I already told you I-"

"Listen." Rachel cut in sharply. "Do you really think the best way to avenge you little boyfriend's death is by rotting away in jail for the rest of your life?"

Insanity really did look mad now. She also looked like someone desperately wanting a sharp and pointy object with which to stab people.

"Don't look at me like that. It's all about revenge in the end, I know, so don't even try to play that little good girl game with me."

Rachel reached the door and flung it open, and was instantly swarmed by people and microphones. She had never been so thankful for the media. The guards behind her pushed Insanity out with them and were briefly blinded by camera lights.

Rachel turned on the charm, and the room became deadly silent. "My client has no comment at this time, but we would like to say we will be pleading innocent, and the trial will be two weeks from today. Thank you."

The room erupted into commotion and reporters hounded Insanity as she was being led to the police car outside. Rachel ran after her, shielding the girl's face with a notebook as she had learned to do at times like this. They piled into the car and it drove off, leaving the media in its dust.

Rachel-Joy straightened up and turned to Insanity, who was sitting quietly and staring out the window in the most unnerving way.

"It wasn't about revenge." She said quietly, still not looking at the woman who had just betrayed her to the world.

"It was never about revenge…"

But even as she said the very words, she began to doubt it had ever been about anything else…

Actually wrote this all in one sitting... today. hehe. It all hit me. Still working on my use of legal jargon, so I hope this seems authentic enough. Killing for revenge? Dare I say it, but is Insanity starting to act a little... human?

Interesting little tidbit of info here; it's my 2-year anniversary of being on this site! Yeah! And I suppose my 2-year of really starting to write, too. Man, I've come a looooong way, me thinks! I can't believe some of the stuff I've written... gah. Anyway, here's a bottle of sparkling cider to all ya'll who've stuck with me!