I don't expect the person that this is about to ever read this, but I felt like I had to write my thoughts about her down.

Endless Battle
By Nodjmet

I don't really understand you
I'm sure you don't understand me
We're so far apart
We hardly see each other

Yet I don't mind you
And you, me
The distance doesn't matter

Not many people know the real me
Not many have seen all of me
Most have only seen one side
I don't like to feel vulnerable

But I respect you
And you, me
People aren't two-dimensional
We are

Letting people know me
Scares me
I was fearless when I met you
I believe you were too

I care for you
And you, me
Exposure is terrifying
We are two

There was not one second
When I was acting in front of you
I'm always myself
I can't say the same for others

I like you
And you, me
Trust can overcome fear
We are two bright

You're sarcastic
I can live with that
I'm slow to understand
You've survived

Do you love me?
I know you do
And I, you
We are two bright flames

Sparring for eternity

Just to clarify a few things, to me, sparring is between friends, fighting is between enemies, therefore the last line says sparring. I was gonna put something like "dancing" or "waltzing", but she doesn't like to dance and "sparring" actually fits both of our personalities much better.

And to the person who this poem is about: I'm kinda hoping that you'll never read this. I already know what your reaction would be. mimics friend You make me sick! back to normal That's not gonna work. Look at the second to last stanza. big smile Love you!