Flash Back

"Jess...It's not what it looks like!" he begged, scurrying away from the girl that lay beside him.

"And you know exactly what I'm thinking right, Kyle?" she spat, begging the tears to stop.

Jessica looked between them...her friend and boyfriend. The two people she had always trusted. The only people she had never thought to hurt her...or to betray her, for that matter. But they did.

"Jess ...please...listen to us...to me...I'm you're best friend..." her friend pleaded, adjusting her shirt which had been unbuttoned.

"Like hell I will. Do you think I'd talk to you...knowing what you did to me? I'd rather die than do that, Michelle. You know me better than that." Jessica snapped. She quickly turned on her heel and left the apartment, ignoring the call from her friend and boyfriend

End of flash back

"Jessica? Jessica?! For the love of god...JESSICA SMITH WAKE UP!" roared her manager and friend, Ralph. He bent down and shook her shoulder hard, yelling in her ear. Damn. He thought. She's a sleeper alright.

Jessica groaned and rolled on her stomach, wincing as her friend's voice echoed in her ear. "10 minutes" she mumbled, her face buried in a very soft pillow. She couldn't imagine where else she should be.

Unfortunately for her, her friend had other plans. Ralph quickly pulled the pillow away from her, causing her to land on the bed, her blanket was taken away, leaving the cold weather of New York to attack her. She immediately shot up from bed and glared daggers at Ralph

"WHY THE HELL DID YOU DO THAT?" she screeched, her blond hair sticking out in all directions

Ralph burst out laughing as he saw his best friend's hair. Big mistake. Jessica jumped from the bed and tackled him, causing him to lose his balance and trip. He groaned and looked up from the floor to see Jessica laughing.

Jessica smirked at Ralph. She turned when she heard soft giggling noises from her door. Her twins, Emily and Anna, were standing there, pointing at their uncle who had fallen on the ground.

"Hey girls" Jessica greeted, kneeling on the floor. The twin's eyes brightened and they quickly crawled to her. As a single mother, she was doing a pretty damn good job. Also the fact that Ralph was helping her was just an added bonus.

"What do you girls want to do today huh? Go to the park? go shopping?" Jessica asked the twins, knowing full well that they couldn't answer her. AS she expected, her answer was met with gurgling noises.

"Even if they could answer you jess...you couldn't go" Ralph said, now settling himself in an oversized chair.

"Why not?"

"Cause you have that photo shoot with Gucci and vogue today remember?"

Jessica groaned. She had totally forgotten about that! How could she? At 24 she had already been America's most wanted model.

"Okay fine...but the girls?" she asked, she would never bring the girls to shoots with her. And I never will. She vowed Ralph never really asked why she didn't but he knew it wasn't his business so he stayed out of it.

"just drop them off at the day care" he replied, walking out of the room.


2 hours later

"Dammit" Jessica mumbled as she settled into her Mercedes. She rested her head on Ralph's shoulder. "That was the longest shoot ever" she whined.

Ralph chuckled and smirked. "Tell me about it. I think I was going to kill that guy if he didn't start taking pictures."

Jessica laughed and nodded sleepily. "I'm hungry" she said between a yawn. Ralph nodded once again and told the driver to go to an Italian restaurant which he knew jess liked.

"Sir…. I'm sorry but the traffic is once again terrible. It might take us at least an hour before we get there." the driver informed him.

Ralph sighed, frustrated. He looked down at Jessica's sleeping form and smiled. She's going to kill me but who cares? he thought. He nudged her awake and she slowly opened her eyes.

"What?" she asked groggily snapped.

"It might take us an hour to get to he restaurant...it's just a block from here, do you wanna walk?" he whispered into her ear

"Yeah sure"

Jessica loved walking in New York. It was so busy, so hectic. One of the many reasons she loved it here. The city could help you lose all thoughts in your head, which was what she needed to 2 years ago when she first came here from New Jersey. She shook her head. No going to the past remember? a voice in her head said. I know. she replied

"are you okay jess?" Ralph asked as they continued walking. It was strange. Jessica was usually a talker and seeing her quiet was eerie.

Jessica glanced up and found Ralph staring at her with a worried expression on his face. "I'm fine… Just having those nightmares again…that's all" she replied, looking away as she felt Ralph tense.

"Oh Jess!... I'm sorry. You know I'm here for you right? He said softly, squeezing her hand.

Jessica smiled. It was good to know that someone cared for her. As she continued to drown in her thoughts, she had failed to notice that someone was walking straight at her. She looked up only to see a chest that caused her to stumble back, her purse opening and falling to the ground.

"Im so sorry miss" the man stammered, helping her pick up her purse.

"it's fine, whatever" she muttered, her patience in a very thin line.

She glanced up just as the man did the same. She froze when she saw who it was and felt her face paling, the weather suddenly colder than it usually was.

"Kyle?" she whispered.

A/N : okay ppl! This is my VERY first story so go easy on me okay? I only did this story cause I'm so freaking bored and I have nothing better to do. It's okay if u wanna burn me…I don't care. But like I said… go easy on me! I'll probably update soon but not sure.