"What the hell do you want from me?" Jessica hissed at Michelle, who was resting on an oversized chair by the corner.

Michelle gave a 'tsk' sound before turning to Jessica. "Honestly Jess, I'd thought you'd have more of a brain than that."

Jessica glared at her, the ropes tying her to the chair roughly scratching her wrists. "Cut the crap Michelle. You want something. I can tell, so what the hell is it?"

Glaring, Michelle said dryly "You never were the patient were you Jess? But I guess you deserve to know"

Jessica muttered something unintelligibly under her breath, but Michelle heard her.

"Why Jess, I never you knew you had such a foul mouth"

"At least I'm not a whore like someone" Jessica retorted, pointedly staring at Michelle.

Michelle's smirk immediately disappeared replaced by a scowl.

"Oh dear. Michelle, didn't anyone tell you that scowling could screw up your face, like wrinkles? Not that you're face isn't already screwed up"

Michelle growled and stalked to Jessica. "Shut up bitch" she yelled, slapping Jessica hard across her cheek, her sharp nails cutting her skin.

Jessica cried out in pain as she felt the trickle of blood on her cheek.

Shut Jessica. Shut up. A voice in her head commanded


Raising her head Jessica continued, "What's the matter Michelle? Have to resort to physical violence instead of answering me?"

Shut up Jessica. You'll get yourself killed

Ignoring her voice, she continued her verbal assault at the slowly seething Michelle "You never were one who'd take an insult well. God, how many times were you kicked out clubs just cause you physically went after a guy that ditched you?

Michelle whipped out a gun and held it to her forehead. "Shut up bitch. Unless you want to die, shut your fucking mouth."

Jessica felt the her blood drain.

See? I told you to shut up…but nooooo, you just had to talk!

Jessica smiled, "I'll shut up, but then you'll have to pull the trigger to do that"

You stupid idiot! Do you want to kill us both? The voce yelled

Michelle raised an eyebrow in suprise. "Really?" she asked, cocking the trigger.

Jessica swallowed hard, before answering in a firm voice "Hell yeah"

Michelle sighed. As she was about to pull the trigger, Aaron appeared, grabbing the gun just in time.

Jessica jumped at the gun shot. Am I dead? funny, i feel no pain

that's cause you weren't shot idiot the voice in her head said.

She glanced up to find a dent in the roof. In front of her, Michelle and Aaron were arguing.

"What the hell were you thinking?" Aaron yelled, glaring at Michelle.

She looked sheepish. "well, she said she wouldn't shut up and if had to shut up, I'd have to shoot. Sooo…yeah"

"Sooo? That's it? Michelle, you gotta learn to control your emotions. WE can't afford being found out"

Michelle glared at him at before forcefully saying, "Shut up. Don't tell me what to do." With that, she walked out of the room, slamming the door after her.

"Great…you just made her go on permanent PMS mood" Jessica muttered.

Aaron turned to her his eyes cold. "Listen here Jess, You be a good little girl and be quiet or I pull the trigger on you."

"Go ahead. I'd like to see you try." You just really can't shut up can you?

"You're tempting me. But I can resist. After all, wouldn't want Kyle to miss me kill you know would we?"

Jessica's eyes widened. Kyle. Oh my god. Her kids, Anna and Emily.

She glared up at Aaron. "He has nothing to…" she paused for a moment "is that why Michelle's involved with this? Cause Kyle's my friend?"

Aaron chuckled "sorry Jess. But apparently you and Kyle are more than just 'friends' to her" He shrugged. "Pity really, I would've jumped her if she wasn't hung over stupid boy"

Jessica gave him a disgusted look. "Look, whatever, I don't care that you're not getting laid, but what I care about are my kids…"

Aaron interrupted her "oh yes. Little Emily and Anna right? Jessica's little angels? Hmmm, wouldn't want anything to happen to them right?"

Fear shone in her eyes as she trembled saying "Please, they didn't do anything. Just leave them out of it. They're just kids."

Aaron snorted. "Don't worry Jess. Police swarmed your apartment so that we can't enter."

Jessica sighed in relief. A bang was heard and she glanced up to see Michelle coming back with a razor and a video camera.

"Show time Jess"

Swallong hard, she heard the voice in her head say. Told you, you should've shut up

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