Jessica stormed into her apartment seething. Ralph followed closely behind her, talking in his phone in an angry tone.

"….No! God dammit! Those pictures are all false!" Ralph screamed; his hand in his hair, ready to pull out every single strand.

Jessica stood in the middle of the living room, pacing as she continued to look at Ralph Cindy Jessica's best friend burst into the room, her face flushed.

"Oh honey! I just heard! I'm so sorry!" Cindy said, hugging Jessica

It was only a day after her run in with Kyle, yet the kiss was in every know tabloid. Rumors had gotten out of hand and the paparazzi had eyed her as their next prey. She couldn't even go to the restaurant bathroom without one reporter waiting for her at the other side!

Jessica sighed and half-heartedly returned her friend' hug. "I'm surprised it took you this long to come here" she mumbled. Before Cindy could reply, she and Jessica both suddenly jumped when they heard Ralph shout, "ARE YOU CRAZY? SHE'LL KILL ME IF I TELL HER!"

Jessica shared a weary glance with Cindy. "For a gay guy, he can seriously scream"

Jessica giggled and nodded. "Sometimes I wonder if he went back to being straight"

Cindy laughed and sat on the couch. "Damn girl, I haven't seen so many paparazzi ever since Britney announced she got married."

Jessica laughed slightly; she knew she could count on Cindy for help…sometimes.

"Gee…thanks. But seriously Cin… I can't believe that slime ball kissed me! ME! God… it was disgusting…seriously…and he wouldn't let go! ARGGGGHHH!" Jessica screamed; her good mood evaporating.

"It looks to me that you still remember the kiss" Cindy quipped, earning her a glare from her friend.

"How could I forget? It's practically on every tabloid. Not to mention the news." Jessica then proved her point by grabbing the remote and turning it into a channel that had their kiss plastered on the screen. Jessica groaned and muffled her scream into the pillow. Cindy patted her on the back in pity, yet she couldn't hide her smirk, her best friend was exaggerating a bit.

As if seeing her smirk, Jessica said in a muffled voice, "You're enjoying my misery aren't you?"

"I'd be lying if I said I wasn't"

Ralph then came into the room with a scowl on his face. Cindy glanced at him and asked, "What'd the studio say?"

Ralph never answered her question. He sighed and quickly went into the kitchen, coming back with a beer in his hand. Cindy raised a brow at him. "I thought you didn't drink"

"I do sometimes"


"So? Gay guys can drink too you know" he said in a defensive tone.

"Didn't say they didn't" she quickly said.

Ralph snorted. "Sure you didn't"

Cindy was about to retort at him when Jessica spoke, "Would you guys shut the fuck up?" She was already in a bad mood, and these two weren't helping her.

"Mommy?" asked a small voice from the hallway that led to the glanced up to see her twin daughters staring at her with concern in both of their blue eyes.

"Hi honey. How was you're day?" Jessica said, sitting in a position where both her girls could hug her. Both girls crawled to her and sat on her lap.

"Are you okay mommy?" Emily asked, holding her mother's cheek in her small palm.

Jessica smiled. They were so sweet. "yeah honey, mommy' okay"

Anna glanced up and leaned her forehead against Jessica's shoulder. "Are you sure?"

"Yeah. Why'd you ask?"

"We heard you screaming" Emily whispered. Jessica tensed. She hated it when her daughters found her screaming. It scared them so she tried not to yell too much.

Anna clutched her mother's hand and added "you looked really angry too"

"Oh honey! I'm sorry! I just had a really bad day"

"Try a very bad day" Cindy said under her breath, causing Jessica to narrow her eyes at her. She smiled sweetly and told the girls. "Why don't we let you're mommy talk with Uncle Ralph okay?" she stood up and was already was walking down the hall to their room. "That way, we can use your mother's clothes to dress up in" she added loudly, causing both girls to jump form their mother's lap and scurry to their Aunt Cindy

Jessica' jaw dropped and she quickly yelled. "If I come in there and it's all messed up, I will kill you Cindy!"

Her friend merely laughed and answered "You mean more messed up then it already is?" Jessica allowed herself a smile, but it disappeared when she saw Ralph's expression. He was looking at her with an intense expression. He was debating whether or not to tell her.

She sighed and sat next to him. "Okay spill. I'm going to get it out of you anyway"

Ralph grunted. "Yeah I know. I just want to make sure you're calm first"

She frowned. Calm for what? "What do you mean?"

Ralph took a deep breath and let it out slowly. He glanced at her nervously before fidgeting with his hands. " I…er…um..Have…bad news"

"really? How could I guess?" she said sarcastically. Ralph sighed in frustration and glared at her.

"Look Jess, this is really serious okay?" Jessica glanced up, surprised. She had never heard Ralph using a serious tone, not even when they were talking about business. This was really serious.

"Are you okay Ralph? You're starting to scare me. You're never this serious" She was getting scared, she wanted the fun and relaxed Ralph back, he on who would check out guys with her at clubs. Ralph must've seen her sad expression because he relaxed and sat next to her on the couch. "Sorry Jess…I'm just really pissed right now."

"I can tell. Now tell me what's going on."

Ralph took another deep breath and stared at her for a moment. "Okay. But you have to promise me you won't kill me"

Jessica laughed. " Ralph!" He looked at her with a small smile on his face.

"Jess?" he mocked her by following her gesture, causing her to laugh more.

She nodded, this was getting weird. "yeah. I won't kill you."

Ralph took her word for it. As soon as he finished, all she could do was stare. As soon as she opened her mouth, all hell broke loose.

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