It'd been 13 years since the last time she'd seen him, her first kiss. But now she sees him in the hallway of her new school everyday.A player that never shows love, and a girl getting her mind screwed up by this player. Yet they're both blinded by love.

Main characters:

-Miyah Lii-

Age: 18

Siblings: 9 yr old sister (Mai), 14 yr old sister (Meika)

-Mandii Kotashi-

Age: 18

Siblings: none

-Khen Tokota-

Age: 19

Siblings: none

-Kei Chueng-

Age: 19

Siblings: 21 yr old bro


Miyah- Two hottest guys, one gentleman, the other …you can say…a devil. And obviously, the innocent girls would fall for the gentlemen, and bad girls would fall for the devil. Then why the hell am I falling for the devil?! I'll blame it on my out-of-control feelings…

No way is she going to admit it first! A girl admitting love to a guy and getting rejected? Hell no, she'll be embarrassed for the rest of her life. No, he doesn't love her. He's just playing her like a toy, the word 'love' never exist in his life right?And she wasn't going to give anything away until he admits it first, wait no. Dream on, of course he doesn't love her.

Or does he?

No way is he going to admit his love, what if he got rejected? Or what if she just laugh her ass off. He never wanted to admit his love, he was going to wait for her to admit it first. But she doesn't love him does she? No, she must think he's just a player. And he wasn't going give away anything until she admits it first. No, she doesn't love him does she?

'sigh' tsk tsk. They're both blinded by love.