Soulless. Trapped in the web of power, the iron fist of tyranny slowly closing around a lone form. Thinks he's invincible, but he's not. So caught up in images, being an image, living an image, doesn't see anything but images and he is nothing more than a projected image. He once was a person concerned with life and living it, but not any longer. It's all about what you perceive to be important, and he sees outward appearance and images to be all that matters. So much in fact, that he has forgotten all that he once was, all that he once had, and although it is still there, he doesn't see it. All he sees is what he wants to see, what he wants it to look like. And while he is caught up in this surreal existence, his life slips away between his fingers. He doesn't see himself getting old, only more powerful. What he sees when he wakes up from the delirium that absolute power has caused, he sees an old man, whose life has left him years before, and he feels foolish. Old now, and stripped of the power he has based his life upon, he slinks away to watch the next young man make the same mistakes.