Think about it

First off, thank you for all the reviews to my stories. I love to get feedback. However, this is about one of my reviews in particular, and I'm sure that anyone else who's had a similar experience will agree. I realize that this isn't a story and I'm probably going to get told to remove it, but I felt it had to be said.

There is a review for this story that I was going to try to get removed but I decided against it. To that person who was cowardly enough not to leave their name or email address. If you had read the story at all you would see that I'm not a feminist, but someone who believes in equal rights. You are the person who was sad enough to spend the time to review a story that you obviously didn't even take the time to read. My views might not agree with yours but they are just that, my views...views which you simply assumed and did not even bother to read and that is why I have taken it to heart. I know the title was provocative…that was the point...what, you've never heard of satire? (just in case you missed that too, that was sarcasm.)

Have you never heard that you should never judge a book by it's cover? Well the same goes for judging stories and also for people. You judged me without even reading what I had to say so this is to you and all those people who have done the same, I think you'll find that it's you who sucks.

Also…you might want to take a little course in learning how to spell…an anatomy class might come in handy, too…