Tapestry of Magick

Karen Rose

And they all dreamed of that place, that mass of swirling rainbow where myth and reality intertwine on a parallel plane, a realm surrounded, thriving with the fine golden threads of magick that move, free-flowing from eternity to eternity.

Not many humans have ever seen this place of unbounded possibilities, except, of course, in that small place of imagination that lies between the dream world and their real world. Most of them ignoring or avoiding the course of magick, so sure that they cannot possibly touch it or alter its course, little knowing that once, they did.

So the sprites of air, earth, fire and water roam this plane untouched and unseen by the human eye. Occasionally one of air's children would wander aimlessly (as such creatures often do) into humanity's domain. However, few humans ever saw an air sprite, but those who did were usually the young, for the older humans would simply discount such a sighting as a trick of the eye, or they would quite simply be intoxicated and quickly dismiss any knowledge of the encounter.

Now unto each of the sprites (air, earth, fire and water in all) there is a chosen one that travels humanity's plane in search of The One. The One. A Prophecy of old that tells of a human child designed by the threads of magick, made of the elements. The Saviour of human kind. Destined to bring the realm of magick back to humanity in a flash of golden light. Destined to free a magick banished since its misuse in "the black wars" of which humans retain no knowledge.

Such was the destruction and desolation that the course of hundreds of lives, human and elemental, were destroyed. The human plane was void of magick and only the sprites preserve the knowledge. Of course some magick escapes into humanity's domain, but such is to be expected with a temperamental thing like magick.

Aria, the chosen of air, is a fleeting thing that can retain a line of thought for at least half a day (no small task for a child of air). She wanders carelessly through humanity's domain in search of…in search of…

"Mum, I see a fairy!"


Rain was falling in sheets to the ground, Lightning graced the sky and Thunder shouted its complaints to the deafness of nature.

Oh do be quiet Aria had little patience for anger (needless to say she did not get on well with fire which, given half a chance, would suck the life right out of her – literally).

Aria, in fact, had little patience at all. And she hated not knowing what she was doing here. What she had been doing here for centuries. She could not return to the elemental plane without completing her task. She was adamant of that. But then again, she could not complete her task without returning to the elemental plane to ask what her task was! It was hopeless. What to do but continue to sit under her leaf and sulk about the rain. And try to remember what she was doing here. Now what was that really important thing…?

Out of the boundaries of time and space lay Fury, the chosen of fire. Anger pulsed from every flame in his body. He was furious!

That annoying little sprite! How dare she! Setting water on him indeed. He flitted back and forth leaving trails of ember and sparks behind him. What to do…what to...Suddenly Fury stopped, an evil grin on his little red and orange face.

Revenge shall be mine. And he threw back his little head and crackled.

Here was the glow of magick. A young girl so filled with innocence and purity that the threads of magick sewn into her blood were emanating in an aura of gold. Her laughter bubbled around her and was so contagious that the little white fairy laughed too.

Aria loved to laugh and she loved human children. They were so cute, even if a little big and chubby. She hovered above the child and danced around the child and played in the golden swirls of magick around the child and…she stopped.

Now…now wait a minute. I know this is important. I just…don't know why…ohhh damn it.

Wind whistled in her ear and tickled her everywhere. She laughed.

Now…now stop it. I don't have time to play. I know there's something important about this. Now please be quiet while I try to think.

Wind blew a gust at her and she screamed a little fairy scream as she was caught off balance and spun upside down and round about. LISTEN. And once again the wind whistled in her ear.

OH that's what it is. I must tell the elders. They'll be so pleased. And she turned to leave. Wait a minute…What was I going to tell them again? Wind sighed in frustration and blew the fairy right into her own realm.

Slowly she flowed around the rock. She had no problem moving round rocks, and whatever else got in her way, why waste time and energy going over what you can go round? Wary, the chosen of water, was glad to be in the human realms. She had no patience for a hierarchy or the other complicated things in her realm when she could flow through life in the human planes without a care in the world.

She lay back into a crack in the side of the rock and closed her eyes basking in the shade. There was no one here to bother her. No brothers or sisters or friends or…

Wary! She groaned and opened an eye. It was Europa, the chosen of earth. She waved, her blue hand beckoning the brown sprite, her blue eyes praying he'd go away.

Oh what does that boring old sod want…Europa what do you want?

Aria has found The One!


What do you mean who?! The One!

Oh Wary had searched the human domain for so long without success that she had given up hope of ever finding The One. So being the good blue water sprite she was, she gave up after three days and spent the last three centuries relaxing.

Well who'd 'a guessed that little airhead would have found The One. I couldn't.

So you decided to take a holiday instead?

Yeah I…No I… How dare you? Europa could see he was getting nowhere so he grabbed Wary before she had time to slip away and they both disappeared into the realm of magick.

The whistle of air, the roar of earth, the anger of fire and the gushing of water all merged into one inharmonious babble.

QUIET! The King of Thunder intervened and the elemental council fell silent. We have found The One but the question remains, what do we do now?

The human race is not yet ready to…

But the prophecy told of The One who would free humanity from the emptiness of magick.

We are obligated to free magick to them.

Europa (logical as ever) felt a thought nag at his ear. He turned to face it and roared until the poor little thing froze in fear. A nearby stream, overhearing the thought, turned to Wary who immediately stopped the proceedings.

I don't mean to be a wet blanket but…does anyone know how to free magick?

A confused silence flitted around the room. It signing profusely but remaining to go unnoticed.

I know, I know…I think but the signing was falling on blind eyes. The confused silence was getting very agitated and began to whiz around in circles when it bumped into Thunder himself who growled with an enormous ferocity that silenced everyone.

Oops. The confused silence began to shake.


I know, I know…I think…

What is this pesky thing signing about?

I know how to free magick!

Fury watched on. His beady orange eyes taking it all in. A thought buzzed around his head Kill The One, Kill The One, Kill The… Fury turned and swatted it. The golden threads of magick moved away, trying to keep out of his reach, away from his evil grasp.

No matter, soon magick would be free to use anywhere and he would have his revenge.With magick free in the human realm, Fury would have his way. Humans were a simple-minded race and easy to manipulate. He would win and this time air would pay.

The meeting went on…and on…and on…and on…The elements were loosing patience. Water was lazily doing nothing and impatient to do it elsewhere, Earth was getting angry - because Earth is always right, Fire was just plain angry and roared around the room shouting at anything that moved, while Air kept forgetting the subject of the conversation. So the meeting went on.

The elements argued and agreed and then argued about agreeing. It seemed than nothing was going to be decided. So the elements opened up the meeting to those out with the council who wished to speak. Time went on. And its ramblings bored everyone into agreement.

And so it was decided.

And they all (air, earth, fire and water) went to that place, that mass of swirling rainbow where myth and reality intertwine on a parallel plane, a realm surrounded, thriving with the fine golden threads of magick that flow, free-flowing from eternity to eternity.

Laughter bubbled all around and was so contagious that the little white fairy laughed too. And Aria, the chosen of air, Europa, the chosen of earth, Fury, the chosen of fire and Wary, the chosen of water, wove the threads of magick around The One and placed her into the swirling vortex.

And as Fury watched on with an evil grin, in a flash of golden light, the threads of magick spilled out and greeted the sweet freedom of humanity's planes, sewing its way once more into the fabric of life.

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