A breeze blows past my passive face,
Enters the silent woods, startling the leaves and
Wakes up the inhabitants.
Along with the memory

His words etch on my mind,
Wounds open and heal again and again.
A rough hand reaches in and takes my heart
In an inescapable grasp.

I do nothing.
Numbness spread around, so
I feel nothing.
No hurt
No pain.
A hollow shell encloses my being.

Images, sounds rushing past
like clips of a film.
"Kiss me" your lips capture mine,
"Hold me" warm arms wrap me tight,
"Love me" The most intimate contact of
Skin on skin.
You and me...


No more. No more
Now it's just


And me.

Two separate lives, two strangers
In the same world who had once shared
the same dreams.
Now shattered, bondless.

A breeze blows past my passive face,
Enters my mechanical heart, stirring the ashes and
There is no life,

Only a corpse.