Dot your i's with little hearts

I have no idols

I have no role models

I have no respect

For all that heritage

The Celts gave me green eyes

A love for weapons and possessions

I dunno what the Saxons gave me

But probably my clottish words

The desire to pound in enemy's skulls

With a nice hefty lump of sandstone

I don't know what my parents DNA did either

But probably a love for expensive fatty food

Art, and endless lefty snobbery

I've idolised these toothless bastards

I've been so honest about my hurt

And I've lied for so long

Quietly, I loathe them all

I'll deface Shakespeare

I'll piss on Ulysses

I'll eat priceless Vermeers

And throw the Ardagh Chalice in the Liffey

Fuck this culture fix

I shall destroy like everyone else

This world has defaced me

Broken me, humiliated me

It never ceases to heap me with despair

I think I'll shag Kafka in his sleep

Perform the entire plays of Sophocles

Using severed heads on spikes

And recorded voices from BBC educational videos

Pure wrath seeps from my mangled corpse

Yeah I steal my ideals from long dead rockers

And psychopathic suicidal head cases

I don't respect originality

Time stopped with the Romans

You can keep your pickled sharks

I am the ghost of a Celtic warrior queen

Gladly, I'll again kill my husband over a bull

No, I'd rather rub society's face in its own vomit

And make it look at itself in the mirror

You can take me darling!

Hold me down.

Rape me to death.

Come on modern culture!

Are you afraid of me?

Maybe I'm scary now.

I look the same to me…

I'm a snivelling terrified child.

Yeah? Here I am!

Easy! C'mon! Take me!

Rape me.

Think you can't make me?

I'll spit in your face.

Splice your balls.

But if you stick your erection into

My dry, terrified vulva

I can't guarantee that you won't orgasm.