Not Supposed To End This Way

It really wasn't. It was like some awful romance book that ends with out a happy ending. It was like Gone With The Wind, wonderful movie, awful ending. I mean when a movie or book, where you know that the two people are meant to be together, ends with one leaving. it makes you just hate it.

I mean Ret wasn't supposed to leave Scarlet, and she wasn't supposed to leave me. We were perfect. She was the only person I knew that wouldn't yell at me while watching The Forsaken, pausing and then rewinding till I got to the scene on the beach. I remember when she bought me that movie. I think it was because she didn't won't me to take it from my cousin any more.

Once she told me that I shouldn't watch so many movies, that I should just leave and go to Hollywood and BE in a movie. I loved acting, whenever I was in a play she would come and watch it. She said she almost forgot who I really was when I was on stage. I wrote a play once. She wanted to help, but the fact that she was in a mini skirt and a bikini top didn't help.

The play was a flop, but she was still proud. She said that those that didn't like it where all old and wrinkly and was just really cranky cause parts of them were falling off. I couldn't stop laughing, going home she told me it wasn't that funny. I think after a few minutes it was a forced laugh, but she started laughing after a while and I couldn't help but stop just to listen to her.

I think she was hurt when she found an old copy of A Window With a View. I had had it for years and yet when she found it, it felt like my mother had come and been looking through my things. It didn't help when she pointed her finger at me and used the tone of voice my mother used when she kicked me out of the house. I felt like crying, I think I did after she left. A week later we had a marshmallow roast and we got rid of the tape then and there, she was more than happy that night for some reason.

I thought things were going well after that. She moved in with me, we got a dog named Jack (it was really hyper and reminder us of Jack off of Will and Grace), we even had Christmas cards made... even though it was July. I thought I was inside of a sitcom, not a movie. Movies always have a twist and people die or go to jail in a lot of them. No this was more like a lot of reruns of The Brady Bunch, without all of the kids.

But about a month after she moved in, I got news that no one wants to hear. She had been coming home when, evidently, she ran out of gas. She had pulled off at a small gas station and got gas. But at she was paying, someone came in to rob the store. Everyone that was in there was killed, even her.

The funeral had been awful. It had been closed casket. I didn't get to tell her good-bye, all I could do was stare at the lid and beg that it could hear my silent pleas to open. They said that it had been her parents request. Her parents didn't even come.

I visit her grave every day. And every day I pray that I wake up from this dream, that the nightmare would just stop. But it keeps going, she doesn't come back and the tears haven't stopped coming.

I guess my life was a bit too much like a movie than I thought. I wrote one more play for her, It didn't flop. It was perfect, I even was offered a movie deal. I told them that the star of the play would love it to be a movie, but it was my play and it wasn't a silver screen production.

She would have been mad at me she would have yelled and thrown a fit because I didn't turn it into a movie. But I wanted to keep her to my self for just a bit longer. Maybe after I die someone will find the play and think that it's still wonderful. But I'm not giving it up now.

A/N: proof that I watch too much TV. and too many movies. It didn't start out to end so sadly, but I couldn't find a way to show that it was true love.