Ashen: ok here's a newer one… this will end up being my pride and joy (hopefully)

Winter: I don't care just post!

Ashen: fine here it is… PROLOG of A Worrier's Heart.


The land of Dragoon is ruled by a king and queen, but with all the evil that emerges, they need the help of 6 protectors. They are: Tenchi Hasimachi; the keeper of light, Eboney Barns; the keeper darkness, Blaine Katoxen; the dragon lord of air, Winter Raven; the dragon lord of water, Raistlin Magere; the dragon of fire, and Hyo Kitalyne; the dragon of earth.

With out the help of sir Rykami and his band of wolves, the Drak Forest was taken over by the Emperor Xain. This caused the last two remaining contenets to argue: Draconus and Draliya.

A prophesy made by the curt mage, Kitsune Fasorta, fortold of "The coming of the wife of fire it's self, and the pack of sir Rykami." "When will this come to pass?" "I do not know my lord but it will be soon."

Ashen: hoped ya like!