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I would not cry. Father would look down at me then. "Sir Rykami, my father, lived a long and eventful life. He walked the earth for many years, along the greats." I looked at the closed coffin, bigger then most, and said "Good bye, father. May you give the gods hell."

"Ashen, how are you holding up?" Estaban, my boyfriend, asked. He was tall, black hair, with olive skin, and light blue eyes.

"I'm fine." I said sighing. He was the forth person to ask. "Listen, I need to talk to you after the chant but I need to go. Mom's left this world, so I must send father off."

I started to the speakers. "Thank you for coming! My father would be proud, but the public service is over, I must ask you all to leave. There is a party at my home in an hour! I don't want to see any black!"

After everyone left, I sent my father to my mother. I laid the circle, burned the incense and chanted for a good 15 minuets.

When I was done some of the workers cam and put the coffin in the crypt.

I went "home" or Estabans house. He was not home, probably out shopping in. So I checked the messages, only one, for me.

"Hay Ash. It's Rob." My boss." I hate to do this to you, especially today, but my superiors want it done. You're fired." I swore my heart stopped. "It's just that your whole department has been shut down. I am sorry. I hope the funeral went well. Good bye."

I numbly walked into our room I changed into a green dress, dad's favorite.

The party was on with out a hitch. Halfway through it, one of my co-workers asked to borrow a pair of earrings seeing as she had just lost one of hers. I said 'yes' and went to into the bedroom to get them.

I stopped dead in the doorway. There, on the bed I slept on every night was Estaban screwing some bitch. "BASTERED!" I yelled and ran.

I ran out the door and straight for my father's home; mine now.

'That bastered! I gave him everything!' I thought. I saw a pay phone on the way and stopped. I dialed his cell.

"Hello?" He said picking up the phone.

"We're over. Good bye." I said and hung up.

And so it began.

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