Open Your Eyes

You have fallen
So far did you fall
When you finally landed
You made such an awful sound

Will you please open your eyes?
You're scaring me
I can't feel your pulse
I cant hear you breath

Please open your eyes
I don't want you to leave
Your my best friend
I don't want to loose you

Your not moving
And your getting cold
I can't make you warm
I can't make you feel

Don't go where I can't follow
Don't go where I can't bring you back
Come back to me
I don't want to let you go

Please open your eyes
Show me you're there
Because if you don't move
I might think you died

Now will you please
Just open your eye?
Will you move?
Will you breath?

Tomorrow I'll take you
To the beach
So you can become
Warm again

A/N: I think I wrote this one because I unearthed feelings earlier with Not Supposed To End This Way. oh well, truthfully I think the end sucks.