I wrote this ages and ages ago, found it in a drawer and thought I'd post it. It's not great, but please review!


Do you ever look up

At the stars, at night

And think of just how small

We really are?

And think of just how little

We really matter?

Have you ever really, truly thought about it?

I wear long sleeves

To hide these scars

So that they can't mock me

Another day, another failed escape

I use my bed

To hide my scales

So they can't mock me either.

I'm a failure

My reflection haunts me

I'm a little strange

I'm screwed in the head

Maybe I'm just lonely

I think we all are.

You're doing okay

I was too, once

Some have it good

And some have it bad

'That's life' I'm told

But I think we're all lonely

It just depends on how well you hide it.

Have you ever been in love?

What's it like?

Does it fill the lonely spaces inside,

Or does it hurt just as much?