Her body is stained with bruises

Her skin is broken and red

'Oh my God!' they exclaim

'What the hell happened to you?'

She debates with herself

-Do I tell them what he did?

'Nothing,' she says

'I'm fine'

She's a liar

She doesn't know who she's lying for.

Her body is thin and fragile

She's tired and she faints more and more

'What's the matter?' they ask

'Are you okay?'

She smiles a little

-Do I look okay?

'Nothing,' she tells them

'I'm absolutely fine'

She's a liar

She doesn't know why she lies to them.

Her house is just a building, not a home

It's a place of torture for her

'Don't you want to go home?' her teachers ask

'Is everything all right there?'

She looks at them through empty eyes

-Please, she begs them silently, help me

'Sure,' she answers

'It's all okay'

She's a liar

She hates it

Her body lies on the side of the road

It's stained with bruises, red, scarred

'We hadn't a clue,' they all say

'She always said she was fine'

She lied to them

But all she ever wanted

Was for someone

-Just one person

To see through the mask

To see the helplessness inside.

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