As the feathers blow back in your face,

The pillow lays limp its insides escape,

A snowfall of softness settles around,

The door slamming shut is the only sound...

Sturred up feathers flutter in the air,

Acrobatic dances then landing with care,

Shaking with new-found anticipation,

You awaiten the sensation of hightened elevation...

In through the window the moon light creeps,

The twinkling in his eyes, your gaze locked deep,

Slowly but surely the distance does lessen,

On your neck his lips are pressing...

Loving embrases, and cuddling close,

Soft sensations like petals of a rose,

The world spins slowly into a haze,

Hearts on fire, fully ablaze...

Skin against skin, caresses so sweet,

Warm breath on your skin is such a treat,

A teasing stroke of a feather sends you reeling,

Smiles of satisfaction, oh what a feeling!

(c)Night Breeze 2004

Written: July 23, 2004