Tunnel from the Sky

I sit quietly in the afternoon breeze

Thinking thoughts of relative ease.

Thoughts come and go through my mind.

A catch hold they will never find.

I don't have to worry about a thing

Until I see the dark clouds rising.

My thoughts turn ill but I do not move.

I don't know what I am trying to prove.

The wind kicks up and billows around.

The dirt beneath me lifts off the ground.

A tunnel forms within the sky.

It hits the ground close nearby.

My heart has stopped, my blood runs cold.

I stop trying to be so bold.

I stand up and try to run.

My mind is telling me I am done.

The wind lifts me into the sky.

I have discovered that I can now fly.

But my arms will never turn to wings

And death to me the wind still sings.

I finally accept my untimely demise

And open up my unfearful eyes.

The clouds that I thought were as dark as night

Were in fact, nowhere in sight.

The wind still swayed in a gentle breeze

And the thoughts returned with relative ease.

-Laura Ellis (12-23-04)