Illusion Manor: Part Two

Abigail Tanith was sitting in her meditation chamber. She was trying to figure out her situation. She needed Krishna for the Elementals, but her thoughts towards Charna had been disloyal. Abigail had dishonored her protective goddess. She was very deep in her thoughts and her meditation, that she did not notice Krishna come into the chamber to join her.

Krishna Dunstan entered the meditation chamber and sat down across from Abigail. She was beautiful with her hair down and without make-up. He closed his eyes and tilted his head to the ceiling. He released his mind, having no thoughts at all; yet, he could hear her slow, shallow breathing.

Something – he wasn't quite sure what – in this thoughtless, calm state of being, knocked him from it. He opened his eyes quickly and looked around the room. His face was bleeding severely, as was Abigail's. She was still in her state of meditation as the blood on her face bled down her neck and onto her clothing. Then suddenly, the young woman's body began to convulse. Abigail yelped in such a way, frightening Krishna. It sounded as if someone or something was killing her. She began to whimper quietly.

"I'm sorry, I'm sorry! Please?!" she pleaded in her trance. She started crying, rocking back and forth. Krishna quickly made his way to her, but was slashed at his chest by some unknown force. Afterwards, more claw marks appeared all over Abigail. He tried to get to her again, and like before, he was slashed at by the unknown force.

The room began to get smoky. That could only mean one thing; the goddess Charna was coming to pay a little visit to them. The room started to darken a little and a beautiful figure began to show through the smoke. For once in his life, Krishna Dunstan was afraid. He could almost feel the goddess's rage emit from her body.

Charna's eyes glared like red hot fires in a very dry season. Her fists were clenched so tightly that they would have bled had she been human. Krishna dropped to his knees and looked up to his goddess. She looked back at him with so much anger. Krishna swallowed hard and knew she was the one behind throwing him out of his meditation-like state. He glanced at Abigail, an action that landed him a hard slap across the face.

"HOW DARE YOU?! I have given you everything and this is how you repay me?!" screamed Charna. She gripped Krishna's chin tightly. "My child… She had filled your head with betrayal and abandonment of your precious goddess! How could you let her? How? You are my son… I must come first…"

Krishna was thoughtless. Abigail had done no such things. He would never betray his mother, nor would he abandon her either. He didn't know where Charna had gotten these ideas.

"My dear, sweet mother goddess… I would never leave your side, never. Abigail has not even mentioned the thought of betraying and leaving you either," the fearful young man told his angry mother.

"No? You weren't thinking of a way to keep your beautiful prize?" she asked slyly. Krishna shook his blonde head in response. Charna smiled; she knew something of the future, but she would not share it with him. With a snap of her fingers, Abigail fell out of her meditative state. She realized she was bleeding from several parts of her body. Yet, when she looked up at Charna, the young woman scrambled away to the far wall and stared in horror at Krishna.

"Tell him Abigail. Tell him what you were thinking," ordered the flaring goddess, whose beauty was maximized in anger. Abigail stared wide-eyed at Krishna, not wanting to tell him now. "TELL HIM NOW!"

"Alright!" she replied, swallowing hard and taking in a deep breath. "Kris, I was thinking of renouncing the faith and Charna…" She saw Krishna's face muscles flinch and a small touch of sympathy appeared in his eyes. He knew right then that she loved him. Yet, he was angry. Nothing and no one, was more important than Charna.

"Don't you see, my child? She was more trouble than help…" Charna accused softly. Tears and blood flowed down Abigail's once beautiful face. She was in trouble now, because after the flash of sympathy, anger had appeared on Krishna's face and she had witnessed it.

"Mother, I believe she owes you and I an apology," he looked deep into his mother's eyes, pleading silently with her to spare Abigail's life. "I believe she would truly mean it." The comment was directed at Abigail, giving her time to think fast for an apology if she was given the chance to give one.

"Do you really think so?" Charna asked curiously, trying to refuse her son's pleading eyes' desire. Krishna nodded his response given as he still stared into her face, begging. Charna clenched a fist again and turned to Abigail. "Well?"

Abigail's head snapped to attention – her mind, a complete bowl of chaos and disorder and her body, aching with pain and bleeding too.

"My wondrous goddess, I am deeply regretful for my disloyal thoughts and actions. It was a mistake on my part, a mistake I shall never make again. For my goddess, my dear Charna, I am forever loyal to you and no one else. My deepest apologies to you," Abigail said full of humility and sincerity. Charna was quiet, her fist began to quiver and unclench and her anger appeared to fade away slowly. The goddess sighed deeply and darkly, turning again to face her son.

"If it happens again… I swear, I will kill you both," said Charna in a very promising tone. She turned from them. The smoke began to clear; she and her beauty faded into the smoke as it cleared from the room.

Krishna sighed deeply, his head low. He was still on his knees. The young man swallowed hard and looked at Abigail.

The dark-hearted young woman turned away from Krishna. She couldn't and wouldn't look at him, at least, not right now. She stood up and left the room. Krishna gave her a fleeting glance of sadness.

'What have I gotten myself into?' Krishna asked himself. He closed his eyes and began to meditate again. This time, nothing would get in his way of releasing himself.