A/N: Yes, I've started another story. I'm working on The Worst Things Are the Best Things, but I've got this mondo writers block and it was killing me that I couldn't come up with anything awesome. So in exchange for my super-super delayed chapter for The Worst Things Are the Best Things, I've given you guys something to pass time with. I hope you enjoy.

The Very Start:

You can't start a story without starting at a party. So there I was, sitting on the smelliest couch EVER when whats-his face from my schools football team sits next to me.

"Hey," he says as he does this stupid swish with his hair. Man does he have a dumb look.

I half smile and nod, crossing my fingers from behind and hoping that he'll leave soon, LIKE NOW. But then-

WAIT-WAIT-WAIT A MINUTE! All right, so the part about where I said "you can't start a story without starting at a party"? Well I was WRONG! So it doesn't start off at a party. Come to think of it, I'm pretty sure it starts the second I met Jenn, my best friend.

However, I don't plan on spilling details of my sad, sad childhood when Jenn and I would throw rocks at Joey Christiansen from the top of the jungle gym- I won't even DARE go there. Insert shiver.

All right, where was I? Oh yeah.

So it was a clear blue day, I mean we're talking freaky-ass blue skies here. Not a cloud around. The grass was freakishly green and full and I think I recall Jenn and I lounging in beach chairs on the side of her pool. Yes, we were wearing our new swimsuits with our Hollywood-ish sunglasses on this creepy perfect day, just waiting, waiting for something bad to happen. We were debating whether to go into the pool or not. Frankly, I think that I was winning; Jenn begs to differ.

"I mean, look," said Jenn as she pointed to the clear blue water that was practically calling our names.

"Yeah, so? Do you hear yourself? You're getting hysterical about us going into the pool or not," I'd said.

"Well I blame it on the heat," she'd quietly explained.

"All the more reason to get in there and show that heat whose boss!"

Jenn shot me a weary look. I smiled and stood on the edge of the pool. Leaning over it, I remember my simply marvelous reflection shining back at me-yeah, which was until I was actually getting closer to it.

"Jennifer Anne Davis!" I'd shouted once I surfaced from the pool.

Yup, she'd pushed me in. I knew she'd do it too, I just knew it, but I brushed those heinous thoughts away. My friend-my best friend Jenn pushing me into the pool? Of course not. How dare I think such wicked thoughts. Tsk Tsk. Yeah right, that so-called best friend of mine did just as I'd expected; and worse, she'd laughed.

"You're so in for it now!" I'd said as I swam my way to the shallow end of the pool and pulled myself out.

She continued her laughing. Oh-oh, yeah she's rollin' on the floor now. Honestly, I mean it's only funny for like 10 seconds and then you gotta regain your consciousness and pull yourself together!

"Jenn, shut the hell up," said a very pretty boy as he came out through the kitchen and onto the patio of the back yard.

I nearly fell in puddles at the sight of him. But I always forgot who he was every time he batted those beautiful chocolate brown eyes at me. He was my best friend's brother. Brother. BROTHER. Do you know how much trouble I'd be in if I fell for him, my best friend's brother?

Oh but those eyes.

And yes, that's when it started. Damn it all to hell.

"Oh," said Jenn in a dry voice, "it's you again. Back so soon?"

He gave her a wicked sour look and proceeded to walk around the house. Mmhmm. I knew what he was gonna do. I'd counted down the seconds remaining before he'd-

Yup. She got what she was askin' for. A nice hose down. And best, by her brother. It was my turn to laugh, and so I did.

"Luke you are such an asshole!" Jenn shouted as she ran to her towel.

He shrugged and winked at me. "Hey Luke, where you been hiding?" I said. I felt like Rizzo from Grease, all I needed was a pink ladies jacket and a ciggy in my mouth.

Luke smiled and took a root beer out of the cooler we had next to our chairs. "Where do you think?" he'd said, "I was at boot camp, following mommy's orders."

"Kinda kinky when you put it like that," I said. He laughed and Jenn threw her towel at me. I stuck my tongue out at her.

"Ugh no tongue," said Jenn waving me away.

"Oh that's right, you like"-

"Oookay," said Luke as he clapped his hands together and took a seat on MY chair. Jenn giggled.

"Luke, you're in my seat," I'd said.

"Am I?" he asked as he made himself more comfortable.

"Yeah, you are. Where am I gonna sit?"

Jenn rolled her eyes.

"Well," Luke slowly said, "you could always sit on"-

"Bye Luke!" shouted Jenn.

Luke rolled his eyes, oh the twinkle in his eyes. He brushed his dark brown wavy hair away from his eyes as he blew a kiss at Jenn. Jenn air-caught it and threw it behind her. I chuckled and Luke frowned at her. He proceeded to walk back into the kitchen. Adieu, you hott, hott boy!

"You are so transparent," said Jenn.

"Huh?" I'd asked, playing dumb.

"Oh come on, you and Luke are like a match made in hell."

I furrowed my eyebrows. "Isn't the saying: match made in heaven?"

"Uh yeah! But in your caseā€¦it's definitely hell."

She laughed as I nervously curled my hair behind my ear.

"Relax," she said, "I'm not weirded out. It's actually kind of cool. Oh! It can be like a project to get you guys together."

"Whoa, slow down road runner, you're reelin' at high speeds here. Rewind, play."

Jenn sighed and rolled her eyes. "I'm gonna set you and Luke up," she proudly finished.

Yup, this truly would be a match made in hell.

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