Wrapped in the arms of love

I always read about.

That's where I want to be.

But I don't think I've ever felt

their embrace.

Oh, I know You're here,

all around.

Wherever two or more are gathered,


So why do I feel so alone sometimes?

Like no one understands me?

I know You do, they tell us

every week in church.

Jesus loves me, right?

So why have bad things happened?

I know I'd never want

something terrible to happen

to someone I love.

So why do You let things happen?

You can stop it, so why don't You?

Why isn't the world a happy place?


Yes, I know, choices.


What a concept

Even though You could prevent people from doing

stupid things, You don't.

Even though You could prevent

horrible tragedies, You don't.

What doesn't kill you makes you stronger


So why don't I feel stronger?

Why don't I just blow off the grief?

Why isn't it water off a duck's back?

My back?

It hurts from my burdens.

My heart aches with unshed tears.

And I need a hug – an embrace

in my daddy's arms.

Where nothing can hurt me,

though I'm wounded.

Show me You do love me.

Hold me

in Your arms of love.