Wolf Girl (OR I'm not crazy!)

I'm a real girl now

No more cosy bedrooms

I don't have problems, issues

I don't need to be talked to

Softly, prying, kind

I was crap at it anyway

Being crazy

I only pretended

Insanity is just rebellion

I'm not brave enough

To stage a proper uproar

I was crap at being a girl, too

I couldn't cope with the ideas

I'd rather be a wolf

Wild, alive, growling, gambling

Nose turned to the snow

(There is always snow)

Stained pink with blood

As a wolf, I know what I'm doing

Unashamed, I can kill, maim

I am strength, my glossy fur rippling

Freer than I expected

There is no need for my petty games

Out here on the tundra

I have a pack, following

On my timber tail

Windswept cold and desolate

Mating with the alpha-male

Killed caribou, blood still warm

I lap it from the icy rocks

My nose cold, and frozen

As a wolf, I am alive

I'm not locked up

Shrinking, silent, and snivelling

This is my freedom

This is my sanity

I am a wolf

I'm not really a girl

Out here, in the frosty snow

There is no hopeless whimpering

Only white and dark and no thoughts

My jaws inflicting the only pain

I am alive with the scent of survival