Chiri's note; Hiyas! This was something I wrote about a year ago and I just wanted to post it up cause of the holidays. Tell me what u think!

Every year it's the same. Someone asks me what I want for Christmas and I always say the same.

"It's something that can't be owned, or touch, just imagined."

They look at me confused and ask "What could that be?"

"Something that can't be owned, or touched, just imagined."

Every night, at midnight, I do the same.

I look up to the brightest, prettiest star, and just stare.

Tears spill from my eyes, but disappear in the daylight.

To people I look happy, but on the inside, I fill with sadness, and pain.

Finally Christmas Night arrives.

Christmas lists are hung high over the fireplace, all except mine.

Even Santa Claus doesn't know how to cure the sadness that always shown in my eyes.

As the light hits my face in the morning, I watch as the moon sets, and the warm, sun appears.

Another Christmas, another year…

Still my wish is not possible, or granted….

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