Rather it is Commitment

I'm afraid

I am afraid that I will forget. Forget the times that we shared and the things that made my heart jump. I am afraid that one day you will ask me a simple question and I would not know how to answer it because I have forgotten.

I'm unsure

I am unsure how to keep my memories alive. I do not know how to keep them in my head. I want to find a way to store them in my head so that they will never be lost. I wish I could find a way.

I'll remember

But I know deep down inside of me that with one kiss, with one simply look from you. I will remember the things that I found special in you. I will remember how we first met and that only once, first kiss. I will remember the way you hold me and the way it felt so comfortable.

I'm yours

I realise now that nothing can stop me from forgetting. It's because you are mine and I am yours. It is not property, rather it is commitment.

10th January 2004

Author's Note: I wrote this during the time that he was away on holiday to Scotland. Simple enough and I thought I could handle being away from him. I guess you can't expect too much of anything because I felt the loneness that washed over me. I'm not quite sure what to call this really, I've always thought it was more a prose fiction than poetry so opinions on what it might be would be nice. :)