Title: Muse

Inspiration: Nothing specific.

Written in one draft. I could stand to pull out the thesaurus now and then. But I'm pleased.

Oh yeah. Different style for me. But fun.

Do you love me, Melancholy? Do you follow me here to there?

Do you hang on every word, or cringe at every sigh of sorrow?

Are you alone, or do you liaise with others?

The tapping on my brain, is it you, or sweet Surrender?

Surrender, Melancholy? I know you know him well,

For every night I lie with you, he's always invited in.

Are you with Jealous, Melancholy? Are you and Anger watching me?

I know you want me for your own,

Forever and ever, Amen; but seriously now,

Dear friend,

How can you expect to own me so completely?

To hold me in your arms at night,

And await me in the morn, when I have others that I miss and cry for?

My tears for Satisfaction and Contentment—I know they're oft sought,

But really, they promised me, if I could only get rid of you,

Dear Melancholy,

I could answer the tap tap tap, and find, not you, no no,

But Pleasure waiting at my door,

And soon behind would be,

Those two rare ones I wish for.

But that I cannot Envy.