I lay here but I cant rest

You haunt me where ever I go

I cant get rid of you

No matter how hard I try.

You're the part of my past that seems to hurt the most.

The only person that could see through my lies, my pretences.

I tried to keep hold of you but you turned away.

I called out to you and tried to see your face but you ignored me and turned away.

I tried to smile but you looked upon me as though I was nothing, a mindless piece of dirt.

I looked at you and cried but you just laughed as if it was a game.

To you it was a game, a cruel game of yours so you can laugh at me.

That's what you did, laughed at me and my emotions.

I felt that I was alone,

You brought me pain and I wanted to show who just how much you hurt me.

You just stood there and laughed when I yelled at you.

You went round and spread those nasty rumours,

Rumours about you and me.

Things that never would be true.

All the times I wished they would come true.

When I asked you about them, you wouldn't deny them,

Instead to told me that I couldn't remember.

I believed you when you told me that you really liked me.

I believed that you would never hurt me.

Instead I found out the truth, the truth about how you felt.

If I was to show how I felt about you would you have treated me differently.

Would you have loved me like I loved you.

Would you have held me as I cried.

Would you have made promises and kept them

Instead you just laugh in my face

Laugh as you put me through as much pain as possible.

You stood in the background as your friends made snide comments.

You looked on as they made me hurt inside.

I looked towards you for some comfort the way you used to look at me.

I knew that you could see the pain in my eyes but you just looked as if you couldn't care.

I dreaded every day, everyday meant I had to se your face.

I dreaded every moment when I had to be near you,

I tried not to show how much you hurt me, tried not to show the wounds you inflicted.

But some of the time I couldn't help it, it showed.

But even then you still wouldn't apologise.

So I retreated into my self and didn't want anyone to know my emotions.

I became hardened, I wouldn't let anyone know my true feelings.

I refused to allow anyone to get close to me, I had felt enough pain.

I turned and walked away from you and never looked back.

I left you behind and shed any of the feelings I had for you.

I moved on and realised how truly heartless you really were.

I found someone new, someone who loved me for who I was.

I came out of my shell I let myself love again.

I was no longer interested in you and I felt like I had won.

At the end of it I had won.

(A/N: please R&R. this is something that happened to me when I was at school.)