As I stare out my window,

I see day turn tonight,

The sky turn to sparkling shining stars,

Mummies and Daddies head home to their young ones,

A whole family laughing and enjoying dinner,

But what they don't know is that I am out in that lonely world,

I don't laugh and enjoy my dinner,

I don't wait for my Mom or Dad to come home,

And over head those sparkling shining stars don't exist,

I cry myself to sleep every night,

Waiting and praying for someone to come and take me out of my misery,

I am all alone.

As I stare out my window I watch young ones grow into fined ladies and gentleman,

Moms and Dads saying their good-byes as their children head off to college,

A whole family laughing and taking pictures as they enjoy graduation night,

They don't think to come over and lend a helping hand,

They don't care about what I am going through,

They don't know that my dad died from cancer and my mom left me on the streets,

Those people don't even know my own brothers and sisters were taken away from me,

They don't know that I feel as if the whole world has made a huge circle,

And I'm in the middle,

And everyone's backs are turned towards me.

As I stare out my window I see men and women getting married,

I see new ones come into the world,

I see parents turn into grandparents,

But once again they don't care about me staring at them through the window,

They don't see that I don't get presents for Christmas,

They also don't know that I have no one to take care of me,

Nor do I get any love or attention,

Those people don't know that,

But do they even care,

My guess is those people don't care at all,

I am almost always at loose ends,

Why doesn't any one care?

I think every day and night that no one knows and no one cares.