Seasons of Friendship

Summer, winter, fall, spring

Friendship can be very much like these seasons

It has its ups and downs

And its warmth and coldness

Two friends have been buddies forever

They always gossip about boys, clothes, and makeup

They hang out at the mall all the time

They have sleepovers and share secrets

Then something happens

They don't talk as much

They start to turn cold to each other

A wall of ice begins to build between them

They refuse to talk to each other

They only gossip about each other

They share secrets with new friends

The ice continues to grow thicker

Then hope shines through the thick ice

And the ice begins to melt

They venture out to talk again

The continues to melt rapidly

Then it's completely gone

Along with the coldness in their eyes

Once again boys, clothes, and makeup are the topics of gossip

And sleepovers and secrets start again

Friendship is an ever going cycle

Small squabbles may cause droppings in temperature for a day

But you never know when it will drop enough to go through the cycle

Just keep your head up high and you and your friend will always make it through the winter.