One Week Romance

Spring Break

"One, two, three," screamed Charlotte, as she wailed away into the microphone.

The band crashed together as we sang our last song for the night. We'd be together ever since Blondine and I started taking guitar lessons. Charlotte is our lead singer. She always is the one to say whats on her mind and is very and I play guitar and do some backup are close friends and always stick together. Luci, the hyper one, plays keyboard. Josh is our bassist. He is very laid back and cool with everything. And Dominique on drums, who can be silent at times, but completly surprises you by talking up a storm. We can already play over fifty songs.

"Time to pack it up," said Dominique. "I'm just going to leave my drum set here tonight, is that all right with you Luci?"

"Yeah, I don't care," said Luci. "You guys this band sounds amazing."

"Ok, great," said Josh, while he was talking on the phone. "Awesome, what time? Ok, we'll be there. Thanks a ton. Bye." He hung up and turned to us. "Guys, great news."

"What's up," asked Blondine, packing up her guitar.

"I just got off the phone with the coordinators of the spring dance; they want us to perform for the first hour!"

Everyone screamed. So loud I bet, that some of the plaster came off the walls somewhere.

"I can't go," said Dominique.

"What do you mean you can't go?" asked Charlotte.

"Matt Kissinbooger is going to be there."

"So, what's wrong with that," said Josh.

"So he's going to bug me,"exdaimed Dominique, in an 'I told you a millions times before tone.'

"Then… Josh can go with you," I suggested.

"Yeah Right!" said Josh and Dominique together.

"I know who I'm going with," said Charlotte giggling.

"Oh no, not that James guy again," said Blondine, rolling her eyes. She zipped up her guitar case.

"Ah, James…" said Charlotte dazed. She sat down on a chair daydreaming.

"You know, I heard he got a tattoo last week," said Luci.

"Ewe," said Dominique.

"What the heck is wrong with you?" asked Charlotte surprised. "Tattoo's are hot!" Charlotte returned to her day dreaming.

"Char, he doesn't even know who you are," I said.

"So, he can still be my date," sniffed Charlotte.

"Whatever," I said turning to my guitar.

Luci's mom came from the kitchen. "Holly, you mom's here."

"See you Monday," I said.

There was a mummer of good byes as I left Luci's mom was waiting for me in the driveway. I walked out to the car and got in the back.

"How was practice Hun?"

"Fine," I said. "We were asked to play at the spring dance this year."

"Oh, that's wonderful. Are you going to take anyone this year?"


"Well Hun, I thought you would have been over him by now."

"I'm never going to be over Nick."

"He's been gone for two years, you need to let go."

I didn't say anything.

"Our company has some sons; you're bound to like one of them."

"I'm never going to give up on Nick."

"Holly, he's dead! He can't come back."

Ever since Nick died, my mom and I have been having the same conversation.

I un-loaded my instrument out of the car and walked up stairs.

"Hey, Holly," said my dad.

"Hi," I continued walking.

My dad kissed my mom. "The Marshals called about ten minuets ago, they will be here in about an hour," said my dad.

"Great, I better get dinner ready," said my mom.

Last summer, my dad went out to Montana. Ever since, he has always reminded us about how beautiful it was out there and plans to move there when I graduate from high school. Now, his friend is coming to visit us for a week. Then we will fly back and visit them for a week. My mom wants me to get to know their boys because I've been so stuck on Nick. However, that didn't change me from trying to impress them. I have this thing were I try to impress people, well boys in general. I guess it's a form of flirting.

"Holly, I just heard from them, they said it'll be another twenty minutes," said my mother.

I fixed my hair and clothes and touched up my concealer and makeup.

About twenty minutes later, the doorbell rang.

"That would be them," said my father. "Holly, why don't you go open the door?"

I rolled my eyes and Lingered to the door. I had no interest in these guys what so ever. I flung the door open. There on the porch was a happy family, with some very cute sons.