As Night pulls on her dark dress of shadows

with stars like glittering sequins

and bright glass beads

you lay down to sleep on soft pillows

mind littered with the remnants of the day

curled as tightly as a newgrown fern

your thoughts churn in your head

growing restless, troubled

and you dream of pain and agony

of suffering, anguish, bitterness

of torture and torment

and you pray to wake

from the nightmares;

only to find

you have not yet slept.

Author's Ramblings:

Another of 5 poems done for an assignment in my English 9 Honours class, and definately my favourite! It's simple but nice, and I'm rather proud of of it, despite the fact that it strays slightly into the "angst" category, which I usually try my hardest to stay away from. Please review!