First Snow

The whirling flurries, winter's leaves

whispering through the morning's quiet

purple dawn now touched by crystals

glitter, glitter, bejeweled feathers

sinking softly through bare branches

clustering on the slanted rooftops

children's laughter, distant, distant,

echoing in the silent cold

a kitten's pawprints hidden, hidden,

across a blanket of purest white

reds of autumn trees' shed coats

lay down beneath it, somewhere covered

drifting, drifting, down from heaven

tears of starlight, first day's snow.

Author's Ramblings:

Yet another poem done for my English 9 Honours class; this time we had to write about the first snow of the year. Oddly, this is probably the best poem I've ever done, even though the topic isn't what I'd usually choose to write about. I think one of the best aspects of it is that although it doesn't rhyme, it almost feels like it does when you read it. Make sense? Anyways, please review! (and I'll review one of your stories and/or poems in return!)