Inside Out

In and yet out

turned up and yet down.

I smile at sadness and tears flow

for nothing at all

and for everything.

My muddled sense

is spinning, twirling

my mixed up mind

is falling, whirling

I understand

and I wonder why

I don't get it at all.

I walk, I crawl

I trip, I fall

holding on to everything

yet nothing at all.

If things are fateful

then what does that make fate?

I am inside out.

Author's Rambling:

Yup, another poem for an English assignment. I chose one of my old poems, found out it was too short, and combined it with another old poem, which is why half of it rhymes while the other half doesn't. I guess it's okay, though it seems to me that it's lacking something. Ahh well, got full marks for it, so I guess it's not a complete failure. Please review!